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Zeitgeist: Addendums

Political|17 Sep, 2012|412 Comments |
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The first Zeitgeist documentary (“Zeitgeist: the Movie”) has by far been the most popular documentary on our site, especially because it had bold claims on many issue ranging from “the Jesus story” to the “Federal Reserve fraud”. This follow-up, by Peter Joseph, picks up more on the latter and the main theme can be summarized as how money is made out of thin air (money=debt) and basically we are all slaves running around to pay our debt off.Latter part of this documentary focuses on Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project. He promotes a resource-based economic system and argues that through technology only, we can prosper.

Zeitgeist: Addendums, 3.2 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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  1. mattwill879 says:

    This movie speaks truth, it is time for change, and we should welcome it. After all, it’s just a “Ride” anyway. So, lets make it the best ride possible for everyone. “I dont know what God is, But I know what he isn’t” Agnostic>Atheist=Something>Nothing. you think we are alone in this universe you truly are ignorant. “the Jungle theory” We are the children of the universe. The Simpsons are right, haha, ET is watching us thinking “Look, Arsh-shnarf, the monkey is throwing his crap again”

  2. 1391dmw says:

    Poverty Statistic: Over 24,000 people die from hunger or hunger related diseases, everyday. I could rant about other stuff-but- i’ll leave it at that. Enjoy your McDonalds! Nahh seriously though, think about what you spend your money on when there’s kids out there that would kill you for a dollar..

  3. Cyrus992 says:

    Other boycott movements can we do as well:7. Stop buying large corporate crap GMO foods 8. Stop getting healthcare from large insurance and pharma corporations.9. Become less dependent on the education system as much as you can. Stop going to the colleges, schools, and taking tests that fuels propaganda!10. Put your weatlh into preious metals and away from paper assets or debt (Even though this film is against a monetary system, advice is still needed for survival.)

  4. syzygy742 says:

    ATTENTION: As of March 28, 2012, it has been revealed that action is about to be taken on a global level. Read the alert on freedomreigns(dot)us SPREAD THE WORD! You Tube interview with “David Wilcock and Drake” explains everything

  5. I dont believe in the govt. How it revolves around cooperate greed and corruption. They make profit off of all of us, the peasants who really dont own nothing except the soul. For real, how do you buy land that was already here before you? The same with water and oil and to make food. Not that bull process stuff. Come on greedy corporates.

  6. Rob says:

    This is what we needed. Someone to clearly define what so many of us were feeling and suspecting uneasily for decades. I’m 31 and when I was 5 years old I can remember getting an uneasy, brainwashed feeling in church that had nothing to do with inner peace; I remember thinking money was just paper, and that if you didn’t want to “work,” you didn’t have to – you just had to have food, water and shelter. Then people came along and made us think in terms of “money,” as in ‘I’m hungry, do you have any money?” Now if you pay attention to the news, you constantly hear that we need “jobs.” A “job” is just a way to get “money,” but now we’ve got the public mentally one step further away from nature – food, water and shelter. We don’t need “jobs,” although the human being is certainly capable of imagining goals and then striving to reach them.

    What I’m missing is: How do we get there? Utopia isn’t found in single ideas or acts. It evolves over time as we can see our civilization trying to do. We now have more rights, equality, and free time than ever before no matter how you look at it. The people who have changed our world have done so for intrinsic reasons that have external reasons yet behind them. Kennedy, King, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson are all people who did what they did because they felt driven to help their fellow man be more free (Does it matter if they prayed each night?), and there are countless people in foreign lands doing the same thing. I’m ashamed that I don’t know their names. They don’t just “work” for “money.”

    So the question is: What do we do now? I think the most extreme, most abrupt way to make it happen for our children would be to stop using big banks altogether, eliminate credit cards and overconsumption from our lives, remove ourselves from our wasteful “workforce” and follow our passions to be human, relearn humanity through the cultivation of fresh, homegrown food, and most importantly, live in community with our neighbors. The impact of knowing and loving the people around you can change your life. Working together is the trait humans have evolved best.

    Sound absurd? More absurd than the current situation?

  7. nR says:

    the goal is to fuel consciousness and self-awareness. the only way to do that is too shock the complex pattern driven ego which relies and processes your experience of life through what it perceives as fact or fiction, right and wrong, good and evil, success and failure. it amazes me how people get stuck in their own heads staring at the signs we are presented with and arguing their validity. the signs merely point to the source. spend your time following the path where the signs direct you, not standing and dissecting the signs themselves. a light can not shine without a source and i applaud this documentary for shining some new light without the fear of being to bright for those who hide from their own self-consciousness through the veil of ego and adhere to the limits of a corrupt ego-driven collective consciousness.

    we are all one and one day we will all realize this. god bless us all.

  8. cheryl says:

    But i would like to just put a general statement…if your just posting to be right, save it…these documentaries are here to fuel discussion and opinions not to verbally insult the other, because no one benefits from that…just state your opinion without this superiority complex and that’s it
    I though the documentary was good:)
    “To be wise is to admit you know nothing”- Socrates

  9. cheryl says:

    first off, I’d like to make a little personal note to Lavender on the philosophy of your post because it helped me understand where your coming from in an articulate manner albeit the spelling was off. I think i detected a little Plato in there :)

    In regards to the film, I really appreciate the concept of a resource-based society, and what makes me most receptive is the fact that it is so far from the current system to which we all know is not the most utilitarian approach. In terms of historical references, i remember studying the issues in Venezuela and El Salvador and Cuba in University, and a lot of what was said either supported this or filled in some gaps. I do believe there is truth, but I’m also sure their is embellishment

    My concern is that this concept of Utopia in a way, is so far from what I can grasp in terms of concepts that I can only really agree in its theory but perhaps would not be functional in practicality. And how would you convince the world to support this idea? And who would work towards new research?

    One thing I did find intriguing is their interpretation of how human behavior and our vices our fueled by this monetary system and scarcity, which makes a lot of sense. Especially with reference to our incentives; there are so many fields I wish i could be more educated on like History and philosophy just for the sake of learning but chose to pursue science because it would yield a more successful occupation. If there was no monetary pressures I feel people would finally learn because they actually have interest in it rather than being pressured.

  10. Hungry says:

    Ahh… yeah…
    Lavender… sweetheart, you have really sowed the world why people like you should not exist.

    …you have totally disregarded the guy before you his feelings, beliefs, humanity and freedom to believe what ever makes him feel better. Instead you have had to show off your own un-necessary bullshiit. The way you write… you must be like 12 or something who just believe… well nothing. Go and study a bit more. With your IQ maybe 6 lifetimes to make it to next year. You must have had really ignorant parents. SWEETHEART…
    But hey… don’t give up! This might be a journey that God forgive might make you a better person.

  11. Hungry says:

    You guys have stuffed this up too. So much time and effort gone to waste.
    Bringing in the guy who wants to make people stop working and totally rely on machines and technology in the future is absolutely nuts. He must have paid for this nonsense. Didn’t he? Look… we all have to work for our own good. Making money or just food, clothes, shelter for ourselves is being self-reliant and it gives us as humans or even the animals satisfaction. This didn’t start with the bank or governments or in America that you americans consider the WORLD, it started back in the Stone Age in the caves. Don’t tell me that the lion in Africa is actually a corrupt animal by killing her own food? (Working for her and her family’s keep) there are millions of people go home after a hard day’s work feeling like kings and queens and enjoying their fruits of labour with their family. You haven’t understood the system. You just dug a bit and exposed the faults but you haven’t learned the good of it. So… I suggest that you go and do more research and make a movie about the good of the system. If negativity would hurt, you guys would scream from the pain.
    I might sound like someone who really lost his plot right now, but you are right I just have lost it when I watched your creation. I recon I could create something better just by sitting on the toilet. Go and do some research with some positivity and fun in mind for a change you goofs.
    …otherwise good work…

  12. Angel says:

    This is a cool doc. I am sure it has good information. But it is up to us to do our research since our eyes have been “opened”. No matter how we look at it, this is someone’s point of view. So do your own research about religion, economy and NWO. You might be surprise on what you find. Don’t let no one dictate to you what is “the truth”.

  13. Declan says:

    I believe in organised religion, i’m just not entirely convinced by it. This is a documentary ( and it’s predecessor, be it said) that NEEDED to be made because it opened my eyes to how we have ALL been lied to everyday of our lives. The world’s governments want to keep us, as a human race, stupid, uninformed and afraid, then we will do what they want and meet their own cynical, diabolical ends. And as for pk, i’m not having a go at you for believing what you believe, but pleae don’t quote the bible to me as I find it obnoxious and arrogant. In my opinion its a book of lies to keep the kids quiet on the way to Bethlehem.

  14. spanny says:

    I find it quite interesting that some of the comments generated by this film (and the earlier incarnation, Zeitgeist) highlight not so much the content of the film, but those human frailties that we all, at some level or another, understand to be true. The religious among them, those that tell you to ‘STFU’, and those that:
    a) Blindly accept the entire content of information in the film, and:
    b) Assume that those who don’t believe, or question the content, are fools.

    On the one hand, those that question ‘official’ information are labeled ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ – which puts them in the same bracket as those who believe Aliens visit our world and abduct humans, or those that deny the Holocaust occurred, and on the other hand those that would refute the films content (which is mainly the religious aspects, rather than those that deal with our monetary system, the Fractional Reserve System) are vilified and told to ‘wake up’,stop worshiping false idols, etc, etc.

    All of us, without exception, are conditioned by our family units, our community that surrounds us, our environment, and the social structures that we are born into. It is no surprise that parents will force their ideologies on their children, or that communities expect particular behaviour from individuals to conform to the group, and this can be taken to a wider context.

    Whatever your personal beliefs, to which, as a human being, is your fundamental right, and whether you believe in a God or that the New World Order plans to create a World Government to enslave us all, the point seems to be that our past teaches us that our societal structures appear to enhance corruption, poverty and war. The whole of human history is littered with the corpses that highlight this point. I think that Jacques got it spot on when he said (and I’ll paraphrase), ‘The Resource based society is not perfect – nothing can ever be perfect – it’s just a much better system.’ This is true, but the film leaves out any mention in this context of how to tackle a huge explosion in human population that this form of society inevitably creates.

    Entrenched, as we are, in our own belief systems, it appears that we will continue to bicker while the existing systems to which we are bound exacerbate human suffering. I don’t see any reason why personal religious beliefs (or non-belief, as the case may be) need be a barrier to providing a safer, just and human oriented society – they are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, when we can stop ourselves, realize that our dreams for a better future have much in common, and work with those commons strengths, we find that our fellow man wants the same things that we do – they are just expressed in a different way.

    Thank you all for listening.

  15. Trey says:

    Its very unfortunate that all you got from these documentaries Pk was the part about jesus. Maybe he was real, mabey he wasnt. They do offer a sound argument that his legacy was taken from that of other Egyptian Gods. However if all you saw from this movie was that little info. Then STFU and watch it again. Ignore the part about religion if you have to. Your relation ship with your god is your business. However when that religion is being used by its leaders to force itself upon others who believe another thing, and if they refuse to convert you kill them in the name of your God. Then my friend it becomes every ones. If you think all the “Holy” wars and others that have been done were righteous then you are the fool. Not Lavender, not the one who made this movie. You are. If you cant watch this movie with an open mind then you are a Hypocrite as well is the other Christians, who daily stuff Jesus stuff down our throats on a day-by-day basis and if any one step up to question it they are a Heretic. If you are curious by the way, I am a christian. And my Relationship with the lord, is my own.

  16. med says:

    I liked the documentary; there are a lot of thruths in this story but the question that we should ask is “it is feaseble?” I think that we all dream of a perfect world were won’t have to steal, lie or stress to live decently. we won’t even be jalous because every one will have exactly the same things. but I think that other stuff will occur as a decrease in education. I think that people go to school mainly to ensure a good fututre ( money); therefore, no need for money will lead to a lack of curiosity. this video must be published publicaly so peaple can react.

    Finanly, is siemens a sponsor of this video. because this video’s purpose is to omit advertisment, I felt like a litle advertisement for Siemes by the end of the documentory..

    by the end, we all dream of a perfect world of equality, hapiness and peace

  17. Patrick says:

    This documentary provided a very biased portrayal of our monetary system. Playing prophetic music while describing something doesn’t make it bad. Our current monetary system has taken the global financial system to levels of efficiency never dreamed of in prior generations. It has freed us from the ineffeciency of a gold standard. Furthermore, it has added a cyclical flexibility to our monetary policy which allows us to more effeciently combat recessions.
    The geo-political analysis is better. However, finding relationships between monetary policy and geo-politics is a waste of time. They are totally independent.

  18. Lavender says:

    OH, and I realize MY spelling — not my grammar, though — was atrocious. But that was reluctantly deliberate: I felt, to say all I had to say within the space alloted, I had to use “u” for “you”, “4″ for “four” or ‘for”, and so on. Makes me shudder, but there it is. IM-speak — the dumbing down of the world!

  19. Lavender says:

    PK – sadly, u can’t write! Your grammar & spelling r atrocious. & that’s all nonbelievers see of u — your grammar & spelling. U *appear* stupid (I’m NOT saying u r). & boy, they take that appearance of ignorance & laugh, “See! We told u those Christians r utter idiots!” Further, PK, quoting the Bible at people who think it’s a pile of (well, u fill in the blank) is utterly fruitless. “Cast not your pearls be4 swine”, as it were. Yet, Christians always insist on doing that. What has it ever availed? Would u be convinced if someone kept quoting the Koran at u? See what I mean? Finally, to those of u reading this who r non-believers: Don’t make the mistake of thinking u even BEGIN to understand believers, 4 u do NOT understand things of the spirit. You’re like one born blind who, overhearing two physicists discussing the nature of light, shouted, “Fools! Liars! There’s no such thing as light & color! What are u idiots even talking about?!” The scientists just looked at each other, shrugged, & walked away. Non believers r EXACTLY like that blind one – even worse off. 4 the physically sightless can be only so blind, but there’s no end to spiritual blindness. Like the blind person who can’t imagine light & color, u can’t begin to imagine the nature of spirit, & so decide it doesn’t exist, that it’s “foolish” & “irrational” (I especially like that last one!) Uh huh; & light & color don’t exist, either, if u can’t see ‘em. But there’s this difference between u & the physically blind: u *choose* your blindness!

  20. barney says:

    very good, very slick production, goes a lot further than any other “anti-establishment”documentary i have seen except the other zeitgeist. makes a lot of very valid points (relating to religion, government, banks and big business) and has encouraged me to read more on the economic subjects discussed and also to study their website very carefully to see what they are asking people to sign up to as i am extremely cynical about anything of this nature . NO GOD NO MASTER, ANARCHY!

  21. Wai says:

    wow one of the people who grew up htaing this music .my sisters used to drive me crazy with it .sunday afternoons with david rodigan etc I left England and moved to the U.S. years ago and how i pine for that music now learnt to appreciate it, love it. Miss janet kay, jean adebambo , carroll thompson etc .clearly my sisters were far more advanced than I. Over the years I’ve scoured stores when I’ve gone home for cd compilations of that stuff what a time .I’ll find some way to see this movie .

  22. Bombonell says:

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  23. Jessica says:

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  24. Jonathan says:

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  25. Elizaveta says:

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