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Wild Russia

Nature|08 Apr, 2012|No Comments |
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Wild Russia is a historical series of high-definition chart a journey through this vast territory stretching from Europe to the Pacific Ocean.  Spanning 11 time zones, this huge country contains a large amount of natural unspoiled wilderness areas – beyond the big cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a primitive world with rugged mountain peaks, wild rivers and flora and fauna unsurpassed is revealed.  Through unprecedented access to display the wild spectacle that is the Russian continent. Through six dramatic episodes explore this diverse country and even exotic.  Russia is a place of superlatives that shows that size does matter. Few countries are home to mammals as extraordinary: the Amur tiger is the largest cat in the world, the polar bear is the world’s largest land predator, big brown bear travel the rivers for salmon.

Wild Russia , 2.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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