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Why We Believe in Gods: Andy Thomson (Lecture)

Science|26 Oct, 2012|538 Comments |
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This great lecture summarizes scientific research that explains why humans have an inclination to create divinity.

It is not a defense of atheism, but rather shows what science says about the various modules & capabilities that humans have developed over thousands of years that lend themselves to the creation & acceptance of religious explanations.

Although the presenter made clear that he is not a man of faith, the conference is not an attack on the church as much as an explanation for why people might believe. Very current and a good intro for anyone who wants to learn more about this topic.

Why We Believe in Gods: Andy Thomson (Lecture), 2.7 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. AryaNFirE says:

    @LlamaTheory “Open minded” and “religious” don’t go together.. some people are all for challenging other beliefs (or science), but when it comes to their own, oh snap! no ways. That’s why science and religion can’t truly be intertwined.

  2. You see I do follow the evidence and there is evidence to suggest something more devine you’re just looking for it on purpose. Like in past times you rather stick to flawed theories that can’t and don’t explain how things came to be, they only attempt to and fail miserably unfortunately and that’s why the ‘evidence’ based reality you follow is not the truth.

  3. Donal277 says:

    @ThruTheUnknown There is not a shred of evidence for what you suggest. Previous claims which implied this have been shown not to occur or be explained by natural phenomenon. Could there be something more?Sure, there also could be a giant tin man washing us down his toilet. The point of rational thought is to follow the evidence not hopes or what ifs. There is no need as of yet to believe in anything divine. My assumptions of reality are evidence based and change with it. Do likewise.

  4. @Donal277 And what reality is that? Is that the scientific view that the sun revolved around the earth, of course that has reality has changed as science has progressed. But whose to say that our ‘reality’ as we know it now won’t change even more so as science unravels more about our world & we discover that there is a more devine existence to the nature of our universe. So be careful about what you assume is ‘reality’, because our view of reality does not always equal the truth.

  5. Donal277 says:

    @ThruTheUnknown Or research based evidence. Reality doesnt care what you think, nor does your brain however uncomfortable it is for you to consider the evidence that your believe is not based in reality and is slowly like other areas of science becoming more and more understood. Like flat earth, earth centre universe, divine creation, religious truth, etc by investigating reality we find whats actually true…ignorance is slowly dying out. Your great great gran kids will disagree with you.

  6. Only a REAL FOOL would claim there is no God! Man creates awesome skyscrapers, fake hearts, tunnels, vehicles etc.. If we are very imperfect then what more can God create THE UNIVERSE! You must accept Jesus Christ as your Savior to receive eternal rest in heaven! Simple! John 3:16 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him! Repent & accept Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ or HELL?!? Visit cbn. com

  7. MrBoggles says:

    @TheColaGoodfellowyou have a reason an assumption and a book.. we have evidence, history and thousands of booksi don’t need answers now. But there are plenty to look at, That are just as/if not more awe inspiring than any deity you can manifest.

  8. MrBoggles says:

    @TheColaGoodfellowGood on you and good luck with that (you need it). So are you saying that you don’t belive the devil exists? you don’t believe that angels exist?Because the majority of your faith do, independant from your “creator god”..sorry to sat that is not by definition monotheisim. Look it up!and to say one is the literal son of this creator.. is straight up polytheism.

  9. MrBoggles says:

    @TheColaGoodfellowevolution is not meant to be a “lets all hold hands and sing” idea. It’s cut throat, survival of the fittest.. We can see it in the real world today and in the universe. and yeah it takes a very long time.. all the evidence is plain to see and redily available.Unfortunatly the human race has lost the survival of the fittest tag for ourselves simply because we take care of our own lives to the detrement of our environment. because we can.

  10. MrBoggles says:

    @TheColaGoodfellowlike i said.. to you, it’s just..”poof”…a lion. It’s frankly a dimwitted view lacking any intellegent you want different species that can produce offspring”Liger” Tiger x Lion”mule” donkey x horsewolf x dogs & dingo’s x dogscamel x llamawhy? because they are close together genetically “in the family”humans are also hybridswe broke away from the monkey family like 6 million years agowatch thiswatch?v=aUFOlyt7ErE

  11. @MrBogglesI know the scriptures pal. You don’t need to tell me what the Bible says about God. Monotheism is another one of things that if you understood, you would be a theist.Real Hinduism is monotheistic, all Gods are merely manifestations of the one. I’ve lately considered the possibility that Krishna was Jesus. Considering from what I’ve heard, Christos wasn’t just greek for Christ, it was also greek for Krishna.

  12. @MrBogglesIf evolution wasn’t a case of “add a few billion years on to its age, because otherwise it’s implausible”, it would be a more convincing case than creation.Believing in evolution is like believing you’ll win at gambling, it’s barely plausible to think you will win everything you try on the first go, but you get this idea that if you keep going forever you’ll eventually win.Sad truth is, you’re more likely to run short of money, than actually win it all back and more.

  13. @TheColaGoodfellow”life survived”Not really, since we’re not talking life – yet. We’re talking self-replicating polypeptides and autocatalytic sets. If, by some fortunate coincidence of circumstances, such chains and sets could come into being, then it might very well be possible that they create the conditions for their own expansion and promotion.

  14. @MrBogglesAslogn as they can’t be answered yet, it’s definatly no more a fact than creation which atleast has a reason for believing in the unexplainable.Should we say the same about creation or Gods miracles? What is it with atheists? you want answers now now NOW!!!……..?God isn’t invented, an unlimited authority is common sense.

  15. @MrBoggles”A cat can’t mate with a lion… etc etc” Then they are all not related by common descent. They merely have similiar designs.If chimp DNA is not compatible with our DNA, then the changes which occured to both us and them were not based on the same foundations, meaning we are not related. End of. They survived their changes, we survived our changes, if we’re related the child should survive the changes.Plus, there’s not enough hybrids to support common descent.

  16. @TheColaGoodfellowIrrelevant. Either you assume life has always existed, or you must conclude that life has come into existence.The evidence would seem to be against life having always existed, therefore one is forced to conclude that life must have come into existence.Mechanism is next.

  17. MrBoggles says:

    @TheColaGoodfellowSo if we could breed with chimps that would change your mind?? evolution only works if we can breed with chimps?? What do you think about at night?? A cat can’t mate with a lion, a panda can’t mate with a grizzly, man can’t mate with a fish, a crocodile can’t mate with a lizard. It does not mean they are not related on the evolutionary tree. your understanding is skewed. All the corrolations are avaliable to see for yourself, museums, internet..WAKE UP!!!

  18. MrBoggles says:

    @TheColaGoodfellowwell are you hindu, christan or muslim? If you are a christian as you say, your religion does not alow for the existance of other gods. except jesus, the devil, angels, demons.problems that have not yet been answered yet.what is it with creationists?? you want answers. now Now NOW!!!. It took the better part of 6000 years to invent the god you worship have patience. Evolution doesn’t need your or my acceptance to be real. If you don’t like it don’t breed!

  19. MrBoggles says:

    @TheColaGoodfellowAhh.. Yeah welcome back to reality… chimps have hands for feet so they can grip trees and quite alot of body hair, a smaller frontal lobe. I don’t know what you look like but I would expect quite a margin of difference. that dosen’t change the hard facts of our relationship.And there is no small amount of evolution that occured, in fact it has and is always occuring. you can’t pick and choose what you like. Evolution doesn’t regard what YOU want it to be.

  20. @MrGralgrathorWell it’s either a case of we presume that somehow life survived both the free oxygen and the toxic biomolecules that tests have shown would have been created alongside them, or we presume life has always existed in physical form, or we believe the same being that made the universe and its laws made life.Or we could believe some kind of mixture of all of them.

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