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Why in the World are they Spraying

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This documentary takes an in depth look at the phenomena of releasing chemicals into the atmosphere in order to in some way alter the weather on the planet. Although widely refute by politicians around the world there is a growing body of evidence that this is indeed happening.

Furthermore it is having a catastrophic affect upon the rest of the planetary resources. Documentarytube released “What in the World are they Spraying” and this has seen considerable interest from many sources and this revealing documentary opens the subject even further.

Thousands of people are noting that the planet’s weather is dramatically changing and we can all witness the jet like vapour trails left behind aircraft. The general consensus is that these represent the reality of chemtrail/geo-engineering programs to adjust the weather and subsequently play into the hands of those corporations which will benefit and seek to control resource and mankind.

The documentary investigates links between the trails and severe weather across the planet.  Political agendas exist too ensure these programmes continue in their destructive way…some corporation will benefit at the detriment of many.  Evidence is widespread and pointing directly to geo-engineering being used to control the weather.

Aerosols are sprayed into our sky and are used in conjunction with other mechanisms to modify our weather. The majority of geo-engineers maintain that their models are only designed to combat the affects of global warming but it is now further evident this control can convey massive amount of fiscal and political power into the clutches of the few in power.

Control of the weather is like a Midas touch to those who wield the power…..the resultant will be further wealth where it is not needed to the detriment of millions of poor and needy around the world…this should not be allowed to continue.

You can watch our other valid documentary “What in the world are they Spraying” by clicking this link.

Further information on Chem Trails can be found here

Why in the World are they Spraying, 3.7 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Joe Sef says:

    Let’s not forget the humongous stupid box’s that are out there. Indoctrination has become even easier and a lot more absorbing for the masses. It’s a horrible thing to watch my wife’s daughter set her daughter in front of a screen in order to keep her occupied. I feel your pain…

  2. well, no 1 cares. we all have our “smart” phones, vid games, reality tv, & quick fix, feel good meds, etc. “they” have us right where they NEED us. glad I have no kids…love them (kids) as I have 13 nieces/nephews, & 3 step grand-children (ages infant to 9). for them I feel the most pain.

  3. skyrangerbob says:

    Sorry, but the argument is too one-sided. Science is under attack right now, and I don’t trust the “big science” arguments. Is there something wrong? Sure. But the oil industry wants nothing more than to blame someone else. We are dumping all kinds of crap in our air, including lots of heavy metals from our coal plants. I have heard this story before and it worries me, but this video did not convince me that it is actually happening yet.

  4. I bet its something bigger!!!! A.) Something is REALLY wrong with mother Earth, like she’s dying.B.) Something is wrong in our solar system. The stripe that when missing from Jupiter. Saturn having that freak storm a couple weeks ago. I have been reading that its not just the earth warming its all of the planets. I think something very bad is about to happen and its too early to put the word out. Ask yourself why did Obama have that what’s the point look on his face during the 1st debate?

  5. TheRoflbbq says:

    America is losing the battle, people aren’t fighting back against the corporations because they don’t know a battle is taking place. Control is the name of the game here folks. Break free from the yoke of the moneychangers! Get off the grid, create your own power with solar and wind, grow your own non-GMO food outside under a greenhouse or inside with hydroponics, learn how to hunt wild game or raise animals, find a permanent water source. Protect yourselves and your loved ones! God bless!

  6. 0330mom says:

    the pentagon–John Holdren, The Science & Technology “Czar” removed oversight from The House of Representatives Science & Technology Committee on 1/1/11. That committee asked the very poignant questions and raised the obvious concerns. POOF-Holdren , a known and published eugenicist removed that oversight…

  7. lafurnace3 says:

    We need to fall back to the basics. Water, food, shelter heat where needed and love. Life is that simple. You don’t need a bunch of paper in your pocket or gadgets that just distract you. The resources to live and survive are around you. Don’t make life more confusing then it needs to be or you’ll get the world as it is today. Destroyed.

  8. laijra says:

    Politicians are merely puppets. What we really need to do is expose the puppet masters and that’s not difficult to find out, all roads lead to Rome. They control everything and unless we stop wondering after the beast and turn back to God, we are screwed. God will no doubt punish those who destroy the earth, but also, He might not look too kindly on those who just stood by and watched them without trying to stop it happening. God help us.

  9. David Ewing says:

    276 sleepers need to wake up and look up. STOP AGENDA 21. they smile are green and want your ideas on how to steal your local parks coming soon to your local community meetings with U.S.Grants of money for you. Just say NO to The United agenda Nations 21st century Land Grab… Wake The F up and get MAD, you PARROT. wrrreaeaa!!! repeat what I’m told-REPEAT WHAT I”M TOLD—wrreaaa…

  10. tomas rader says:

    Govnrs + legislatrs pass no overflt laws, adjoin states, under penalty of SAM, natl guard intercept…tenth amend + act of physical health harm + econ effects = justify. Can forsee day when no funding for HARP + no pilots will fly.

  11. achillesmrf says:

    As long as they have 50%, they still have people voting. Local elections in the UK usually pull 30% of the population and they still take the result as a representation of the people. The 70% who withdraw consent do not matter to them.

  12. achillesmrf says:

    It always surprises me how many people keep believing the promises made by politicians. Every time, they promise the moon and stars, then they do the complete opposite. How do they put on their trousers without hurting themselves? Then when one gets in that will do what they say, they’re assasinated or ruined!

  13. The best video I have seen on chem-trails EVER. Noticing that this video has 95% thumbs up, I can’t help to think about the 5 out of 100 people who are either a plant or genuinely in denial. How can you not believe your “lying eyes”? Have you been so demoralized by TV, public schooling, and fluoride ingestion that you are an actual REAL zombie? Please consider that everyone else is not wrong and search your soul to see the truth. Take the red pill. “They” don’t care about you. Sorry.

  14. ken campbell says:

    because now they make more money getting insurance money on the crops then they would selling them. wake up… look at the weather derivatives… they now bet on anything including droughts… it is sickening what they get away with cause peoples ignorance.

  15. dean hanson says:

    We are on the line with homeland security. Right now and we have said that we are in a terrorist attack from what is coming down from the sky. We gave them the example that I have a pine tree that when we had arranged here the other day a pine tree that had been dropping sap all summer and had covered the sidewalk with pitch. The rain going through the pine tree needles mixed with the chemicals that were in the tree and the rainwater dissolved the sap from the tree. pics on Facebook Dean Hansen

  16. The number rose to 271, and at least 200 million Americans ought to be mad enough that this must end and criminal prosecution to be pressed against the perpetrators. Not a shred of conscience in these people. The detractors are either stupid or in denial. This is where ‘climate change’ comes from….not from industrialized society, but the intentional forcing of climatic terrorism on the world. Lets see if Al Gore is making a profit from this end of the tragedy.

  17. Forgive my ignorance on this matter but if HAARP and CHEMTRAILS are used to control the Weather, they are NOT doing a Very Good Job. The U.S. Economy has Lost Billions of Dollars due to one of the worse Droughts, in History this Year. No one can deny they are Spraying ,So WHY did the Chemtrails and HARRP …Not work . Are you saying they DO work but it’s part of a Larger Plan by Corporate America and therefore the Government. That’s one VERY LARGE Conspiracy? :(

  18. pectinmania says:

    Remember remember the 5th of NovemberThe Gunpowder Treason PlotI can think of no reason why The Gunpowder TreasonSHALL EVER BE FORGOT!Those cowards at the NSA and CIA seem to have forgotten that life is going to be on Earth another 600 million years. Let them support their Bilderburg Agenda. Meet me at the gallows to show our thanks.

  19. MoLahBel3 says:

    Have seen other docs about haarp, gmo and the like. I wonder! These technics are not new and have been used for many years now! I wonder about my own passivity, but how about everyone else at the receiving end, the US citizens in the first place and those people working for these conglomerates, This must affect them and their families too. Why should governments play roulette with their own citizens? It looks like someone entrapped in the middle of a fire, sitting and waiting to get roasted! Mo

  20. 0U8123MTA3 says:

    The problem is that pilots and crew will spread chemtrails for the money they make. Maybe some know what is being done or maybe they are told they are saving the planet. Either way, they will continue to do their job for money without much objection. Same with TSA, IRS, local law enforcement, judges and lawmakers. They will continue to do what they are told because it is in their immediate personal best interest. Denying a problem is much easier for people than solving a problem. Sad but true.

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