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Why Do Viruses Kill?

Science|01 Nov, 2012|13 Comments |
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The world was in fear of a new emerging disease threatening to kill millions.

A new variant of H1N1 had arrived. In the UK, 65,000 deaths were predicted. However, to date, these warnings have not materialized.

If this last pandemic has taught something, is how little is known about the unseen world of the virus. But that has not prevented scientists trying.

Horizon is the leading researchers from around the world who are trying to unravel the secrets of the virus to understand when and why they kill.

Why Do Viruses Kill?, 2.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  1. t4705mb6 says:

    @facetiousbadger You are wrong, The eugenics programs are very much alive, have grown & are flourishing. Simply read the words of the people who BELIEVE they rule the lives of humankind.I am an environmental engineer, direct three massive labs & have actually used plasma spectrometers (& other sophisticated testing devices – some secret) myself investigating exactly what is contained in many “medicines” & other invasive substances.Believe whatever you wish. Facts are facts.

  2. @jeffz2010 in the direction we want research and innovation to go. Restricting or eliminating direct to consumer and/or doctor advertising acts much the same way as stronger oversight in the financial sector. You need the carrot and the stick, or you’ll never have successful reform.

  3. @jeffz2010 Many in the ‘alternative crowds forget this, and make boogeymen where there aren’t any. People will inevitably push towards profit, and it’s not necessarily evil that they do this. It’s given us some spectacular innovations, and (to me) the ultimate test of quackery. If much of the perpetual motion lunacy truly worked then it wouldn’t be suppressed, it would be on an infomercial in some capacity. Instead of condemning pharma we should work to provide new boundaries and incentives

  4. @jeffz2010 I feel I am more exasperated by the eschewing of critical thinking that seems to become more and more popular than aggressive. I definitely agree there are shades of gray, and pharma companies are not even remotely saintly. I think there are some serious ethical issues in the biomedical industries, but fallibility is not necessarily malevolence, nor is it conspiratorial.

  5. jeffz2010 says:

    @facetiousbadger you are very aggressive – why? people do not wear white and black hats only. There are mostly in shades of gray. There are always someone’s money behind documentaries. I know pharma companies. I worked for one of the biggest heavily invested on paracetamol based brand. At some point, just before flu season, another giant marketing aspirin based remedy attacked us on one of smaller euro-markets. It all involved “documentaries”, “neutral” experts etc. Nothing is as it seems.

  6. @t4705mb6 No, @dipesh21dnb = a presenter of valid criticisms. Just because the voices agree with Crazy Uncle Charlie and the rest of his tinfoil hat brigade doesn’t mean he knows what the hell he’s even talking about. The crux of all human discovery is critical reasoning, and the scientific method. I suggest you learn about it, and try to implement it before you’re suckered out of more John Birch Society dues.

  7. @t4705mb6 have all had to either get bought off or be so indescribably stupid to ignore any side effects of the enormity that you’re proposing. Take off the tinfoil hat, and use your common sense. Otherwise, I’ve got this nifty oceanfront property in Arizona you’ll love. Living there guarantees you will experience no contamination of that toxic luminiferous aether! Get back to me, quick: I’m a poor college student and this Ramen won’t buy itself!

  8. @t4705mb6 for everyone, but I assure you I am infinitely more concerned about what was in those burn pits then I ever was about any of my vaccines. Even if they were just altering third world vaccines do you realize the level of world-wide and cross cultural cooperation a conspiracy would require? If you learn anything about science, the vaccine making process, the disparate health bodies who have to cooperate for a program of this scale, and the millions upon millions of employees who would

  9. @t4705mb6 is even remotely probable. My parents both received smallpox and polio vaccines in the 40′s or 50′s. Their entire families also did (all were poor immigrants or children of immigrants so not exactly your core Illuminati or whatever base.) Low and behold, there is no unusual morbidity and mortality in any of them. I deployed to Afghanistan twice, and as a result received the smallpox and anthrax (among numerous others) vaccines as did the vast majority of NATO troops. I can’t speak

  10. @t4705mb6 Considering that there has been no abnormal morbidity and mortality in these disparate groups of third world (and to include earlier first world) vaccine recipients then I would wholeheartedly say no. We are well aware and capable of noticing when a vaccine screws up (be it the original Salk polio contamination incidents, the more or less constant risk of Guillan-Barre is any vaccinated population, and others.) Just because it makes for an ominous James Rollins teaser doesn’t mean it

  11. @t4705mb6 That’s funny since the WHO was the core body in the Smallpox eradication program. That’s a whole lot of vaccinated third world denizens who, if your speculation is correct, would have better served the WHO unvaccinated and dead. Nice try, but come back when you actually have evidence.

  12. t4705mb6 says:

    The WHO is a chameleon, a wolf dressed in sheep’s skin. An arm of the UN, the WHO is dedicated to an agenda of the world’s wealthy ruling class, the “gentry”. Eugenics is the name of their game & has been since the 19th century. MANY times the WHO has been caught red handed murdering millions of innocents, working with fascist corporations DESIGNING killer diseases. Many secret labs are very busy! Why? “Eat or be eaten” is the motto of the rich. To them, the world’s population MUST be reduced.

  13. Cristiano says:

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