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When We Grow… This Is What We Can Do

Drugs|10 Oct, 2012|217 Comments |
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This film on cannabis made by two young filmmakers on a very small budget discusses and explores the prohibition of cannabis, who it affects, who profits from it and the reason for its prohibition.

The film includes interviews with a cannabis activist, a hydroponic grow shop owner, a cannabis dealer, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology, who just so happens to be a former government drugs policy advisor and a medical marijuana user. This professor would rather die than live without it.

When We Grow… This Is What We Can Do , 2.2 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  1. Great video. I’ve been around Weed but chose to not smoke it cus its illegal, but i support the legalization of it. Your video was very informative and you didn’t seem to support a “Stereotype” for people who want cannabis legalized

  2. ebeaudio says:

    great work, everyone!! i am hoping the white states will all become green one day! :) check out harborside’s weed wars as found on discovery channel. the only way i think real progress will happen for the states is for people to join norml, the drug policy alliance and write to, meet with or speak to your senators and reps!

  3. yesak789 says:

    WTH, we know all this! Or should I say we have known all this! This plant is so versatile and useful, but we shun and cast its uses out and burn it like trash! WTH! This plant can do so much but it gets you high! You just want to get high! SO WHAT! Getting high has never killed anyone! Being stoned has never caused any horrible violence. Getting high from a plant that can grow like grass, that is a problem? We the people have been duped and fooled! This plant must be used as a valuable renewable

  4. techcafe says:

    industrial hemp aside, please let it also be acknowledged that whether used for recreational or medicinal purposes, marijuana WAS a beneficial part of our pharmacopeia for thousands of years… until it was criminalized by greedy commercial interests. the ‘prohibition industry’ is responsible for enormous suffering and death worldwide. the real crime is that the cannabis plant was deemed illegal in the first place.research ‘endocannabinoid system’every living creature on this planet has it

  5. it is illigal because it is a cure. iv made it iv tryed it and iv seen the offects it can cure near enouth everythink from cancer to breathing problems. i have breathing problems hemp oil helps me. rick simpson is a god he is banned from countrys for helping people read him up on youtube RICK SIMPSON cannibis is illigal for 1 very simple reason it helps.if it cures nealy every think and there are no dieseses the world would be over populated.ppl die and weed would help them live longer pain free

  6. areyoufelson says:

    unbelievable that the government sack professor david nutt for telling the truth or is it really that unbelievable?there are so many reasons why this plant should be decriminalized and legalizedit really is so so sad that so many people have been duped into hating and fighting against what really could very possibly prevent their very own possible death by cancer.this plant must be legalized – for the sake of mankind.people unite to make it happen – we can do it.peace and love

  7. @iAngelicAlex Are you high right now? I’m sure that you understand that it is easier for kids to access drugs than cigarettes or alcohol because DEALERS DON’T ASK FOR I.D.!!! Not many adults would take the chance of buying for a minor, for if they smoke, they would not want to lose the privilege for themselves. Legalising will reduce children being able to go to Joe’s for a hook-up. And Joe will have to get a job. It’s a win-win if you ask me. And I’m the mother of four, myself.

  8. @MOUPIMOUPI I guess politics should be too then eh? OH and the military! Just because people die because of certain things doesn’t mean it should be illegal. Thats like saying it should be illegal to go in the sun because it “gives you cancer”

  9. tata131211 says:

    watching this makes me very angry and frustrated. I cannot believe there are people in the world so ignorant that would believe it causes BRAIN DAMAGE or CANCER!i just asked my 15 yr old sister to watch it with me and she told me “she didnt WANT to know about it”i mean REALLY??? u dont want to learn about something that would change ur whole world for the BETTER if made legal by those dirty politicians in DC?its just too baffling for me, i wish everyone in the world would watch this

  10. 108gopis says:

    growing Marigolds is meant by God to be the same as growing Cannabis…..”I give you the plants and seeds to be used as your meat” the Lord explain very simply in Genesis.and if you go to court you swear on that very same Bible….the law on Cannabis should be repelled on that basis.

  11. strava86 says:

    All I can think about after watching this documentary is: Why do billions of us allow an elite of a couple thousands hijack human progress and a clean wholesome future?…and I have to admit, it also makes me want to smoke a joint real bad.

  12. nolibshere says:

    Hey Paulbots..Some basic info about Weed: …causes cancer, causes alzheimers, causes diabetes, causes genitalia shrinkage, causes mental laziness, causes fattness, causes periodontal disease, causes divorce, causes legal and court problems, causes DUI’s, and causes you to go broke.

  13. the real problem is people take the legalization very lightly!if we really want to legalize it we have to raise our voices seriously!and if they don’t hear it or try to arrest us we should be able to use our fists!no government can be more big or powerful than the people!don’t forget we’ve made them and they feed on our taxes!!!legalize it!

  14. @Fabelot1 the comparison with alcohol is something that passed trough my head. i do believe that putting these this in same level would actually work. but people in this country are stupid enough to not have a good reaction to legalization, I lived for one year in Germany, they have it legalized at some wight level for personal use, it works perfectly, but they are a country with convenient behavior. The problem is, right now, living in reality, these people buy and put guns in hands, sad truth.

  15. djcapalay says:

    I hope god tells all the people that say his creations are evil they are evil. life is a gift atleast it was suppose to be but they took a physical heaven and ruined it. the world is beautiful but the people on top or ugly.

  16. Fabelot1 says:

    @viniciuslennon But if they legalize it, the profit of selling the weed would go to the governemnt and the store and not to some dealing gang. I guess that the government and stores doesnt kill children? The way I see it, legalizing it would solve more problem than it being illegal is causing. If it’d be legal, however, it should naturally be treated with the same respect as alcohol. One should not drive high or go to the work high etc.

  17. mackinnon182 says:

    @MOUPIMOUPI People get killed because the drugs are in the hands of gangs. Legalize it and you strip that away. You can’t rationaly argue for prohibition. It doesn’t achieve anything! Do you need it to be illegal to stop you from taking it? The reality is also that 90% of drug users aren’t addicts and are in control of themselves.

  18. @viniciuslennon There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with using it for medicinal issues, and why would it, but while you make a video like this and people in my country watch it, they come with any kind of immature argument saying things like “the video with the nice guy said so, so there’s nothing wrong about it” and while you talk about good things we can do with hemp, some immature people just blow it for selfishness, using arguments that they don’t even care about that much just so they get high

  19. @viniciuslennon That’s easily shown when the ones in favor of legalizing it smoke it even before legalizing, and the consequences of buying it in here are huge. Statistics show that for every joint bought, one child death is financed in the Brazilian slums. So, if, in here, Brazil, they wanna legalize it, they should at first stop smoking, because, reality being said, it doesn’t matter what they say, because while they say “we wanna legalize it” people are dieing just so they can get high…

  20. There are lots and lots of great uses for hemp, the problem is, when those who fight for the legalization do it only because they wanna get high, but use the other things as argument, they lose credibility, and that’s only bad for them, they have to know how to argue, PLUS, this video does not apply for all realities, I don’t know from which country you are from, but my country, Brazil, doesn’t have the maturity necessary in it’s population to have it legalized.

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