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What We Still Don’t Know?

Science|06 Nov, 2012|169 Comments |
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The Universe is still a place of mystery and wonder. As a cosmologist, I am thrilled that we can make some progress in combating what they seem very basic questions.
These programs focus on: Was there a beginning? Are we alone? What is the future of the cosmos?
What is the nature of reality? With each advance, new questions more clearly. The key question is what does not yet know.

Are we alone?
Sir Martin explores the possibility of life on planets outside our own. It tells you unsettling scientific debate that has startling consequences for us Earthlings. Do you believe in aliens? If not, a quick look through these pages may change your mind!

Why are we here?
Everything you thought you knew about the universe is wrong. It is made of atoms, right? Evil atoms represent only a paltry 15% of everything that exists. The mass of the universe consists of something so mysterious and elusive that it has been called “”dark matter”".
Are We Real?

There is a fundamental chasm in our understanding of ourselves, the universe, and everything. To solve this, Sir Martin takes us on a mind-boggling journey through multiple universes to post-biological life. On the way we learn of the disturbing possibility that we could be the product of someone else’s experiment.

What We Still Don’t Know? , 3.1 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. Thanks for the pointer. I will check it out. I get that it’s highly unlikely and a specific value is required. What I disagree with is that this either necessitates a creator or that scientists were ever ‘worried’ (as the film puts it) that the evidence was pointing irrevocably towards a creator. Current theory is that the overall energy of the universe is zero, so that the cosmological constant would change in this way is unsurprising. Over the age of the universe one would expect many states.

  2. elena Esp says:

    May be when Jesus said tht was easiest a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich to enter in the kingdom of heaven, he actually was talking that its easier to find a universe where the laws of nature will allow that, than a greedy mind capable of evolving to the point to jump to the next simulation and will remain trap on this one till evolve. May be heaven is an evolve state of mind!

  3. elena Esp says:

    Did event saw the entire documentary, did you understand it? are saying that you know more than those scientist speaking in this documentary? Cant you see that all clues lead to a creator? but of course you cant not understand what the word creator means since you instantly as if programed to do so link it to the God of the Jews!

  4. …. Exactly my point, excluding that last part. If there is a lock that can be unlocked, a key will be made no matter how complicated it has to be… And saying there are tons of universe ‘That are all different” Yeah that does increase the probability of life, even if it’s just a little.

  5. MrIamSamIam2 says:

    However, huge no.s of Muslims take “This book is not to be doubted” literally, indeed as Mohammed intended. Sorta like taking the Ring of the Niehbielung as infallible (Nazis came close!). So esp. considering 2/3 of the Quran’s admonition/exhortation w. many threats for those who ask awkward questions, there’s little remorse when 1000s of “Christian swine”/”Atheist dogs” are killed to further submission to God’s will, whether or not they’re violent individuals. Recall the celebration post-9/11?

  6. It doesn’t matter whether you “respect” other holy books, the point is that you don’t adhere to what the other books say, instead you attempt to live by the bible. My entire point is that there is no rational reason to prefer one over the other. Both are anecdotal stories with no evidence. With equal truth to offer (none), why choose one religion over another?

  7. MrIamSamIam2 says:

    I’m an atheist – technically agnostic, ‘cos there is a rather small but still significant chance I could be wrong in my disbelief in God/s. You respect that, I guess you are saying. I don’t think you’re “lying” & apologise if I managed to give you this impression! But I do think you’re incorrect and fail to recognise the difference between reason & revelation, or perhaps think that either sort of knowledge will do but revelation is supreme? OK. But this is something we can talk about, no guns.

  8. MrIamSamIam2 says:

    So God’s allowed to kill, maim, blind, nuke cities – ‘”‘Cos there was “pooftahs” in ‘em! Even worse, women who liked sex…bloody hos they are,” to put it in Aussie English. Presumably he feels no guilt for the millions, billions of people who’ve died horribly or lived in constant fear of persecution/famine/disease as a result of his Creation. Maybe he felt these massacres weren’t murder, just um, killing? So whatever he’s trying to prove is worth throwing 3/4 of humanity into eternal torment..?

  9. MrIamSamIam2 says:

    First however allow me to get this straight – a) God created the world for whatever reason, maybe he was bored, maybe he wanted to find out the answers to big questions he should have known if he were truly omniscient & felt that a bit of atrocity, starvation & the odd genocide was a small price to pay for the benefits, like scientists who do experiments on animals who say (often correctly IMO) that it is worth a few rodents dying painful deaths to save human lives. ‘Cept they do it for others.

  10. MrIamSamIam2 says:

    (cont’d) tho’ I sometimes prayed when I lost my $5 weekly allowance, I confess! ;) I was christened Anglican but found myself sitting in an Aussie Baptist church when Dad married again; a conservative but quite moderate one, back then they were more like English Baptists than US Yahweh Yahoos. We even got taught about Islam, Buddhism, you name it in Sunday school/youth group!!! Not in order to trash them, but to let us know that other people had different faiths etc. There is a little story here

  11. MrIamSamIam2 says:

    Not much good for us, though, is it? I went to Church every Sunday as a young’un, got the usual Aussie “Bible-basher” treatment for belonging to a (largely moderate & humane – largely!) Christian family right thru primary school, which was kinda strange ‘cos though I thought they were ignorant of Christianity, I really wasn’t a Christian after the age of 10 when ironically the honesty & integrity (including our God-given reason) held as virtues backfired when I couldn’t honestly swallow it…

  12. But then what makes us so special to be considered a lucky measure of fine tuning? You can set the stage for any number of possible combinations or consequences of things and find that its 1/quintilian or whatever and say: “hmm, isn’t it ‘lucky’ how it turned out to be that sort of mess as opposed to ours?” Lol, what’s the point?

  13. “Wouldn’t all this beautiful stuff out there be a complete waste if there were no one there to behold it?” – How is this an argument against the notion that we’re just a consequence of the universe? I think that the universe is irrelevant to think about outside terms of what it actually means for us human minds to be curious in the first place, if that’s what he’s getting at?

  14. You’re*. Doesn’t make me an asshole. It makes you satisfactorily ignorant of the language you speak.

  15. BBC1146 says:

    Wow someone yet again pointing out a grammar mistake… He may be retarded, But your an asshole.

  16. 23:05 hmm… and my personal hunch tells me our ship will be blown to smithereens before we land, by a highly developed civilazation that wishes not to take part of the Mc´Donalds culture.

  17. karatesauce says:

    26:55 look for the backwards bike rider

  18. Are you one of these “retardation ppl”? Your grammar/spelling seems to suggest so. ;P

  19. cobfab357 says:

    retardation ppl dont have better thing to do, but worry about the wrong shit too, too much.

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