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What in the World are they Spraying?

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A documentary produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger investigating chem-trails; the bio-engineering method adopted by governments to ‘apparently’ help with the issue of global warming, the only problem is that dumping thousands of tonnes of micronised aluminium and barium over nations around the world is having a devistating effect on the environment and the health of all living creatures.

The activities of the government can be seen buy everyone; the chemical trails which are often criss-crossed in the skies by large jet plans often take several hours to dissapate and ofen days to reach the ground.

With amounts of aluminium in excess of 60x (60,000%+) found in many remote places in the USA, hundreds of miles away from roads, communities and factories the sharp increases of aluminium deposits from chem-trails are the only possibilities.

As aluminium deposits reach the roots of the plants and trees they begin to die through the change of PH levels in the soil. The effects are seen all over the world, but especially present in the USA and UK. Increases in dimentia cases caused by excessive amounts of aluminium in the brain was once throught to be caused by canned foods and softdrinks, and although could still be part of the problem, chem-trails are now understood to be the major cause.

Trees and plants are dying, less stars are seen at night, changes in weather behaviour are being noticed, toxicity related health issues are on the increase, the government is playing God with the atmosphere and is killing everything.

Backed up by independant scientific studies from professors and leading researchers around the world, What on Earth are they Spraying? is probably one of the best documentaries I’ve ever watched.

What in the World are they Spraying?, 3.3 out of 5 based on 33 ratings
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  1. TECpeds94 says:

    @TWCobra Its military pilots and if they are on airliners as well they are not aware and this is not a hoax look in the sky you’ll see them and there is so much proof maybe if you would open your eyes and be less ignorant and stubborn you can help stop this look at this site its an aircraft company they actually say that they do weather modifications. wwwDOTevergreenaviationDOTcom/supertanker/mktsDOThtml ** Replave DOT with a . and read the top where it says • Firefighting, Oil Spills ect….

  2. JakeRN1992 says:

    @pcpeteie It’s not. One of the creators of this film is G. Edward Griffin. He is a brilliant researcher who exposes things for what they really are i.e : The Federal Reserve, cancer, foreign policy, this left wing right wing political game we play, etc. This is not trying to make money they just want to encourage people to buy the dvd and make copies instead of just pirating the movie.

  3. deanne609 says:

    @TWCobra Pilots being complacent? Look how many people joined the Nazi party and killed millions of people and did what ever they were told to do. History repeating it’s self. No, they don’t have to go out and commit mass murder with bullets they can just spray us! The only complacency here are the ones who sit back and say this is a hoax. Look up in your skies everyday, you can see it everywhere! No one wants to see what is right in front of us which is why the economy tanked! Wake up world!

  4. pcpeteie says:

    They say… and i QQ The film makers are encouraging everyone who purchases a DVD to make copies and hand out for free QQ Is’nt the internet the best resource for people to use in obtaining a copy of the video media? Why buy a DVD? when there are hundreds of resources for us to download it from for free..!! I’m not saying its all lies.. I’m saying this sounds like a money wagon..

  5. @7digitalSunday I think the guy is known as a repeater. He doesn’t have any science background but sent to try to convince us it’s all a hoax. GregOrca try to understand the differences between the two before you start to argue.

  6. stplasma says:

    Aluminium? People really don’t listen very well – the particles being discussed as a possible geoenginnering tool are not aluminium – they’re alumina! Alumina is aluminium oxide, and it’s very safe indeed. Most of the world’s soil contains alumina particles which get blown around in the wind all the time. I don’t know if these conspiracy theories about chemtrails are valid or not, but there is no reason to scare people by putting forward scientifically ridiculous theories about the potential ha

  7. HROLLER30 says:

    @sokklei Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout[DOT]com/watch?v=DTxvWLrUeE8

  8. sokklei says:

    @HROLLER30 The world is more complex than that. If the chemtrails conspiracy is real, then the easiest way to prove it, is to document the gigantic logistics that make it possible. To find something in the ground and say it comes from the first thing you see when you look up is…. well, as a dumb sheep would do.

  9. HROLLER30 says:

    @sokklei So the ones who are working on geoengineering are lying about it??? And the scientists who have found abnormal high amounts of particulates, used in geoengineering, in the human body as well as the environment are false readings??? Not everyone is a dumb sheep.

  10. HROLLER30 says:

    @hotplater Trust you???? Trust you????? Should I trust a so called airline pilot or should I listen to the evidence that’s been provided by the scientists??? Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout[DOT]com/watch?v=DTxvWLrUeE8&feature=share

  11. 90pop1 says:

    Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineeringOther wealthy individuals have also funded a series of reports into the future use of technologies to geoengineer the climate• What is geo-engineering?• Scientists criticise handling of geoengineering pilot projectShare 2095 reddit thisJohn Vidal, environment editiorThe Guardian, Monday 6 February 2012

  12. sokklei says:

    @hotplater I agree, I’ve worked for 22 yrs in aviation (16 yrs in the airforce), but that’s just fuel for the conspiracy theorists:-p So I just try to pointing them in the right direction, maybe they would come to their senses if they find out for themselves?

  13. hotplater says:

    @sokklei ive worked for 2 major airlines as an aircraft tech and also have been working on aircraft for 25 yrs. there is no chemtrail system on any commercial aircraft.sometimes fuel has to be dumped in emergencys but trust me pilots and techs are in unions and if there were something going on we would shut it down.

  14. Just wondering here. But where do these people get their food, their water. What medicines for that matter? Do they take vaccines? Another thought. Why do all of the people attached to this in government seem to be so ignorant. What about the many abilities to deliver many virus or other biological health hazards that could be deployed to carry out the world wide agenda of depopulation. Activated Aluminum has enough surface area to contain perhaps thousands of virus that could be activated later

  15. qvocarlos says:

    @XbLRevolutionary I love Ron Paul because he’s the only one to criticize the Federal Reserve. I know that they are not anymore Federal than Federal Express. This is nothing but a Rothschild attack on the whole planet. It is their money that is financing the spraying of chem trails throughout the world.

  16. ljchalifour says:

    Conspiracy theorists treat the truth like bales of hay.They over think the parts that do not fit their “mean world” paradigm, like cattle chewing their cud. They regurgitate it over and over again until they can swallow it, pass it through the bovine gut of deception with the inevitable results of B.S.Leo Chalifour

  17. @Bubbles10ization Yeah something is we call them people living their day to day lives, the video thats jsut water vapour similar to condensation, people are destroying the planet they over use the soil throw rubbish in the clean drinking water and drive there gas guzzlers to the shop stop blaming the government for everything.

  18. Okay, if this isn’t chemtrails, then why are all the trees dying out? Why has the weather been so hot lately? why is the soil changing PH levels rapidly? It was not this way before. Houston hasn’t had a good winter these past few years at all. Something is going on….. If it’s not aluminum…. what is it? Something is destroying this planet.

  19. SusieArviso says:

    Did you notice the arrogance – in that, they never asked the people of the world if they could do this. The “elists” think they can just do whatever they like. They think they’re gods. Every time I see the chemtrails filling up the sky. it makes me so angry.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Excellent documentary- the agenda is quite clear- greed via a sick population and billions in profits from selling pharmaceuticals, engineered seeds, & “non-contaminated” food & water

    Wake up people & please pass on so that this spreads like wild fire!

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