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What if Cannabis cured Cancer?

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This documentary looks at the link between the drug, cannabis and the cure for cancer. It also looks back at the conspiracy by global entities to prevent the use of cannabis in competition with the new and latest avalanche of pharmaceutical drugs with the financial rewards available to these companies.

There does appear to be a number of links with the use of cannabis and much of this could be put down to the “high” gained which triggers the bodies own extremely complex mechanisms to combat illnesses and cancers. The holistic view is that the drug can help the body itself combat the affects of disease…the full picture is not yet available but there is a large body of evidence/speculation which is outlined in this in depth review.

One of the main elements here is the capability of the cannabis cells to attack and destroy cancer cells … and importantly..without damaging the other healthy cells. This is significant when you consider the current radiographic intrusive type of treatment  currently in use in the western world.

The key is that cannabis is simply stimulating our own bodily capability…this has been happening for centuries.

Much of the problem being that legislation still makes further investigation difficult…cannabanoids are currently being developed by a number of pharmaceutical companies in readiness for what could become an alternative to what are now recognised pharmaceutical drugs and medicines.

What if Cannabis cured Cancer?, 3.2 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Greenlife711 says:

    *Serious about curing Cancer make or find Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure ALL 95-98% Δ9-THC Cannabis Oil*-”It (THC) works against certain kinds of Cancer’s CURE IT!”Dr. Mechoulam, Cannabis/Cannabinoid Researcher 1960-present-”Rick Simpson’s discoveries of using high dose Cannabis (95-98% Δ9-THC) to Cure Cancer’s is a reality!”Dr. MelamedeSEARCH *GRANNY STORMS LIST* ON GOOGLE FOR SCIENTIFIC FACTS AND WATCH *RUN FROM THE CURE* ON YOUTUBE – CANNABIS OIL CURES CANCER AND ALL HEALTH PROBLEMS!!

  2. If you care about this subject please read, share, like and support the “Project: Lets Build Jurassic Park” page on facebook as I believe this logically puts together all the peices of the puzzle of how we do something about this ;) #nospam

  3. jeff57davis says:

    :( Thanks for the video. Maybe my Mom & Dad would still be here with us if it wasn’t for the 1%……..

  4. The real reason cannabis is still illegal, is because the whole cancer industry would go out of business…and it’s big business! Just go to their facilities and see how opulent they look….Just my observation.

  5. allent208 says:

    i say i think the world should just step back from the cliff and load a bowl

  6. Best fucken weed documentary EVER!!

  7. Hemp Share says:

    It is called Mind Control. They controlled the narrative by changing the vernacular.Calling it Natural Cannabinoid Medicine controls the narrative now.They can have their Marijuana and regulate it all they want. I’ll take Natural Cannabinoid Medicine to the people and educate them about the Endogenous Cannbinoid System.Then I tell them my personal story of my Quality of Life on Crohn’s Disease by eating Hemp Seed, RAW Cannabis, Decarboxylated Cannabutter, AND smoking Cannabis.

  8. itzjasonn says:


  9. trick29420 says:

    neither does chemo or radiation. that just straight kills people.

  10. trick29420 says:

    Yes she got paranoid because it was her first time getting high and they smoked hash in Amsterdam with her. They blew her mind and took her out in public. It would freak anyone out. Once they gave her a moderate dose, she was good to go. Would be interesting to see what she thinks of it now.

  11. Hi, at 14:31 this movie shows some journalist from UK. She was making a story about cannabis in practical way, but what this video didn’t show up was how she took cannabis in different places and how bad it was (paranoia, stress and horror). I like idea about this movie, but what we lack nowadays – is competitiveness pf facts, emotions and ideas.

  12. PROVOKEDRAGE says:

    Well around 13 year ago there was a field full of hemp near me not very strong but it’s very true it was there.It was growing for the government/ company or whatever I knew people who gave it a visit lolAnd I live in the Midlands so not only down south and in greenhouses.

  13. Buckpwnz says:

    The more you know…the more we ☮Grow☮

  14. What a really ill-informed comment. Too bad there is still so much ignorance in our world…I’m going to guess you didn’t even watch the documentary.

  15. Really? Where is your proof it doesn’t, cause I am sure we can give you plenty of proof it does

  16. I can’t believe that only 4196 people have viewed this movie. I am sick of walking around and watching all the comatose people. We can cure cancer yet the medical profession, the World leaders and big Pharma are still slashing, poisoning and burning while we all sit back and allow it to happen :(

  17. joggler66 says:

    We are ruled by a small group of cabals who know what is good for us and take it all more and more away. Good drugs and herbs, organic food, fresh, unchemtrailed air, clean water – you could go on and on. Mainstream tells you something is bad, be sure to get it. The world is doomed because people don’t think for themselves anymore. Cattle by consent. (Bill Cooper)

  18. Mylinda Grim says:

    Legalize! Our economy is slipping fast and here is this VAST untapped product that could boost nearly EVERY market(food, medicine, textiles, etc.), and it’s an enjoyable intoxicant that much like alcohol is used responsible by the majority of adults who choose to imbibe. It has been seen in reports and studies for years that regulation, taxation, and education are far more successful at reducing negative impacts like DUI’s and under age use than prohibition policies. Vote Johnson for President

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