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Water: The Great Mystery from Les Sundeen on Vimeo.

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Water: The Great Mystery

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Water is essential for life on earth, but what do we really know about this amazing substance.

From it’s less dense state at freezing temperature to its recently discovered ‘memory effect’, Water: The Great Mystery is a well produced documentary that looks into many fascinating topics and cutting edge research experiments from the viewpoints of scientists, theologians and philosophers that will hopefully help give people a greater understanding of the universe.

At points this documentary touches on issues surrounding quantum physics, spirituality and the powers of the mind and includes input from Masaru Emoto (What The Bleep Do We Know).

Water: The Great Mystery, 3.4 out of 5 based on 44 ratings
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  1. elvee says:

    this is not science. please lookup homeopathy to find that it is as scientific as alchemy.

  2. Duff says:

    Ok. From the 1st sentence through the entire intro (as far as I could get), this film is simply wrong.

    1st sentence: “Water, the most common substance on Earth.” Wrong. Perhaps this is true of the surface, but Oxygen is the most common substance on Earth found throughout the interior and exterior of the planet.

    2nd sentence: “… but do we know the secrets of this amazing element?” Water is not an element, it is a compound made up of 2 elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen.

    3rd sentence: “Where did it come from?” This questions isn’t wrong in it’s asking. Oxygen is formed through nuclear fusion in the interior of stars and is released upon the stars death where it can then react quite readily with Hydrogen-the most abundant element in the Universe-the building block of all other elements.

    4th sentence: “Who bestowed water on our planet and why?” It’s upsetting to know so many folks will refuse to accept any and all scientific research on such topics and continue to insert an anthropocentric twist on this by beginning the question of the source of Earth’s water with the word “Who” or “why?”. Water arrived here on the planet bilions of years before humans arrived let alone the arrival of our ability to form words that subjectively refer to the natural world as “divine”.

    5th sentence: “The only such planet in the Universe” There is water all over our own Solar system and throughout the Universe. It’s on Mars (perhaps even in liquid form still today), our own moon, Jupiter and it’s moon Europa, Saturn and it’s moon Enceladus, comets and likely many more of the objects found in the kuiper belt (this also being the likely source of our water here on Earth).

    6th sentence: “Perhaps only water itself knows…” that one speaks for itself.

    7th sentence: “There is just as much water on Earth today as there was when everything began.” The Earth itself wasn’t around when “Everything” began. The quantity of Water we see today arrived on Earth after the earth formed and cooled enough to retain it. We’re actually still acumulating a little more every moment to this day (along with many other substances) as we orbit around the sun, slowly continuing the ongoing process of accretion that created our planet and every other planet and moon in the universe.

    I had to stop there.

    This doc is a disservice to religion and science alike. If you’re trying to convince folks of the divine nature of the universe (which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be a hard thing to do here in the united States) it should at least be attempted by avoiding a stream of blatant falsehoods and nonsense.

    • Jezebelle says:

      I do agree with you, however this documentary had some wonderful things in it if you could have gotten past all the nonsense. There is actual scientific eveidence to learned from here…We never know how truely our minds are closed until we let a little light through.

  3. KalimbaLove says:

    In December of 1975 I prayed for an image to replace the “puffy cloud guy with the long white beard” image of God. One of two answers that were shown to me was WATER! I have prayed, meditated and studied that idea ever since with amazing results. This movie confirms and expands EVERYTHING that the has come to me via Spiritual Seeking AND my Science Teachers. I believe with all of my heart, mind & soul that Water IS the bridge between Spirit and HUEmanKind.

  4. jepkofficial says:

    duuummmmbbbbbb! … Oh! Oops! Now the water is gunna get Me!!! …. I’m Scared. :(

  5. Ali Adams says:

    It is not what you say, it is how you say it.Water feels our energy field and aurora, our emotion.Try saying I love you in a hateful way and vice versa and see the result.heliwave.comGod > infinity

  6. right. this is a weird documentary. way more religious than scientific.

  7. Tyrkul says:

    no need to be sorry because I love you ❤❤

  8. that is something that has to be studied to years with scientists and petri dishes takes time more and more scientists are switching to the water field to investigate this cause this i s gonna be the biggest thing in science ever prolly when they figure out exactly how it works.yes people are selling restructured water and restructured water systems.this is basically the holy grail of science. the water can communicate faster than the speed of light they knew this since 1930 ish.

  9. Petrhrabal says:

    ok, men, to the point now… what are you selling… some holly water or what? Or greater ambitions? Maybe creating some pseudoscientific cult or chrch? You can tll it straight to me in this doc. This is polluting peoples minds with unconcrete answers blind hope and fear. I see thru you, shame on you, creator of this doc.

  10. May God bless you all :)

  11. TheOshimoshi says:

    @dododunfer and the internet is SRS BIZNS!!!

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