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WACO: A New Revelation

Conspiracy|19 Nov, 2012|189 Comments |
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‘WACO: A New Revelation’ generated a flurry of interest as new revelations about the events that led up to the deaths of 79 men, women and children at Mount Carmel on April 19, 1993 came to light after investigators from MGA Studio’s film division became the first private citizens to gain access to the Waco investigation evidence lockers under the Freedom of Information Act in 1998.

Upon examination, the evidence gathered by the federal officials appeared to contradict the FBI’s congressional testimony, raising serious and disquieting questions about events surrounding the siege at Mt. Carmel and the deaths of the Davidians.

Agency reps have said that there were 3 cameras pointing at the front door of the building that would show everything from that day. Suspiciously, none of the footage could be found. Every one of those tapes vanished.

This film caused the Justice Department and the FBI to reverse their long-held positions on Waco setting off an unprecedented event in the history of documentary film-making.

WACO: A New Revelation, 3.0 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. AlcoholTobaccoFirearms…You? Bring the chips, Mike? Bring the grill and I’ll call up a friend of mine and get us some fine “entertainment” *rubs hands together excitedly*. This party’s gonna kick ass.”We do not fire through walls indiscriminately” – Then what are those @ 11:00 ? Hate to rain on yer parade (not really. It’s actually pretty fun), but Those don’t look like they were fired from inside, man.

  2. In 1994, I wrote a sf novel portraying a religious cult leader who stockpiled an explosive device under his compound when he was raided by intelligence agents. These revelations have put a monkeywrench in my novel, since I’d believed Koresh had a messiah complex and tried to create an army via impregnating a harem of young girls.

  3. Sort of reminiscent of the Dark Ages of the Romanist Church—- where non-believers in their particular version of Jesus called catholicism were all killed as “heretics,” like the Cathars and so on, all the books of intelligence and libraries burned, in order to hide knowledge from the average people, who then “tithed” (or paid taxes) to the Roman element.

  4. Actually Hoetoff was an “immigrant,” and the movement did NOT begin in California, but abroad. It was also given the first land grant to a non-jew in Israel. No one explores this aspect, or what it could mean, why the sect was created really, and by whom. But the people in Waco, were clearly very simple Bible believers who thought they had freedom of religion, hard to believe in a time since “Vatican II” and the enforcement of ecumenical councils in the 60s

  5. frankt7474 says:

    Genocide at it’s finest….the Nazi’s, I mean, the Government, ridding this land of people who believe they live in the land of the “FREE”…the right to bear arms…huh, the people who believe in the Declaration of Indepence. Imagine that….let’s keep our govt strong…let’s give them more authority….let’s give up our “RIGHTS”…C’mon Man!!!!!

  6. “Why it takes so many fatal wounds… [] ill never know” <<<< This lady should do some research. Youd be shocked what the human body can survive, or short that, how it can continue to function even for a short time after massive damage.

  7. Rich3940 says:

    well did they get there warrent served easy ??? LOL and to the ATF & FBI & Police Was this really worth it??? how stupid to take inocent chidrens lifes. and them old people!!!! ):to me the ATF FBI & Police should be charged in muder !!!! what i see is the ATF & FBI & POLICE taking part in a muder !!!! this was not handle the right way !!!

  8. shananagans5 says:

    Yea but several people that came out in the days before said their plan was to burn the place down if things got to bad. I am in no way siding with the gov on this. It was handled poorly & this could have been prevented any number of diff ways but I think the Davidians had a plan to burn the place down & they carried out that plan. This was already getting bad press about how it was being handled & the last thing the gov wanted to do is increase that bad press by killing everyone on national TV

  9. rcroach23 says:

    to me just about everyone in this country that was of age at that time has a little bit of blood on their hands from this evil instance perpetrated by our government. we all should have went down to texas and demanded that this end on the part of the atf and gov. if i wasnt 8 years old at the time and had the mind set i do now i know i would have been there demanding they leave them alone. what kind of people are we when allow our brothers and sisters be treated in such a way.

  10. shananagans5 says:

    @AmericanPoliceState All I recall is thinking those guns were legal. The Clintons were ramping up the anti gun BS at that time and, as I recall they were doing the mislead the uneducated public by calling everything automatic & using buzz words like “assault rifles” I am sure you know the tactics. I would like to know what was really going on. Were the guns actually illegal? Was he dealing without a license? I hope it isn’t the case but was he simply buying to many legal guns for ATF comfort?

  11. shananagans5 says:

    @AmericanPoliceState It does bother me that this show exaggerates because they don’t need to & it makes the show reek of propaganda. The true,accurate story is scary enough & they lose credibility exaggerating. I would like to know more about the reasons they were after him in the first place. As I recall they were saying he was buying & selling illegal guns but, from what I recall the guns were legal semi autos but he was buying & selling like a dealer. Not sure on that, would like to know more

  12. shananagans5 says:

    @AmericanPoliceState Oh I agree. This was handled very poorly by the ATF of the time. At the same time this show exaggerates things. There were multiple times when people came out & multiple opportunities for people to come out. They show holes in the building & make it look like the ATF was randomly shooting into the building when it’s clear those were coming from inside. I can’t say I take a side but the ATF was clearly in the wrong here.

  13. @shananagans5 I, for one, take the Davidians side. Just look at what we know now. Missing evidence, brutal tactics, psycological warfare, destruction of crime scenes, the constant disregard for life especially concerning, infants and CS gas. Knowing all of that, do you really blame them for NOT coming out? If you think your gonna get shot the moment you step out the door would you? They even said that the bosses werent going to let anyone else out for “security” reasons.

  14. shananagans5 says:

    Granted Waco was handled poorly but they were given 100 opportunities to come out before anyone got hurt. Several did come out. We watched every night for an update to see if they gave up or if anyone else came out etc. That said,the gov didn’t need to go in that way. Was there a time limit? No,it was just making Janet Reno look foolish. This started over questions of gun purchases & sales by Koresh. I don’t know if those were illegal or not but they could have just picked him up & found out.

  15. gunnut1405 says:

    A free people ought to not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficent arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from anyone who might abuse them, which would include their own government- George Washington.May all the Davidians who died go to heaven, may all those who lived find peace, and may those government agents/leaders responsible burn in Hell for all eternity to suffer for those innocent children

  16. unclefixer says:

    We will never know the truth, no one even knows who fired first? Most people who have been in a firefight, always state that confusion reigns. The ATF story is obviously a lie, if they had been ambushed, there would have Agents lying everywhere. There weren’t! Secondly the ATF backed off because they were low on ammo and they were starting to get “chewed up”. The ATF murdered the davidians, it as simple as that.

  17. CSAcitizen says:

    This was basically a church.And as Lincoln did to the South-locking up the families inside chruches and setting them on fire,that is exactly what the DC Feds did here.This was a war on Christians by DC plain and simple-they were not guilty of any crime and they were living their lives not bothering anyone on PRIVATE LAND.To watch them being slaughtered, and hauled away in cuffs, is a sin and crime by evil devils- NO Fed has any juristiction or authority in any state or outside the DC borders !

  18. NzMaze says:

    they are a bunch of religous fanatic’s but each to their own, they should of been shown the respect of innocent til proven guilty by court of law. That did not happen here – the ATF was the judge, jury and executor. I am not religous by any means and an athiest but i sympathise with the people in the compound, Each to their own.

  19. Lachausis says:

    @Jzubbs301 Yes, the truth in such cases is always the easiest explanation. The man was a narcissistic leader, who had told his followers that he is their only salvation and was ready to sacrifice them for his own “immortality”. As for FBI and ATF, their activities can simply be explained as incompetence. They screwed up. They wanted to solve the problem the fast way, but it ended in disaster. Nobody wanted to burn children and women

  20. garywingrove says:

    @Jzubbs301 I see your point, but the truth is that can be seen is that the ATF was in the wrong by the way they went about things. even the sheriff had stated that Koresh was in the public a lot. So if the charge was pedophilia he could have been arrested anytime before. Pedophilia isn’t what the ATF is supposed to be going after so their involvement is questionable. Not saying that he was perfect because I’m sure he wasn’t but the government was deff full of crap in their answers

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