Wolverine X

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This is an hour long HD wildlife documentary. Meet one of the shyest predators of the Northern side of the equator: the wolverine. It is elusive to the point that even its seekers encounter this animal only once in a while. Wildlife photography artist Antti Leinonen has taken after wolverines for over 18 years in Finland and has invented a considerable measure of traps in order to beat the wit of the huge marten in its natural habitat.

This is a first full-length nature narrative about wild wolverines. Wolverines, The Hyenas of the North, was recorded in 2006 by German untamed life film organization Gulo Film Productions for German Television (NDR), and has been telecast in numerous nations, it is also known by the titles ‘Wolverine X’ and ‘Wolverine Revealed’, and in the US by Animal Planet as a scene of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

The film by Oliver Goetzl, a German director, shows various social manner of conduct of wild wolverines at the border between Finland and Russia, some of them already obscure, and has won more than 30 worldwide awards and nominations, including at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Wildscreen Film Festival, IWFF Missoula, Animal Behavior Society Film Festival and Banff World Television Awards.

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