When We Were Pirates

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After months through 11.09 two Americans and two Norwegians travel to Bangladesh to begin an incredible journey. Born from the mind of a young adventurer, Daniel Casanova, these children of twenty years began to build a traditional boat to sail 7000 miles from Australia. Shoestring potential adventurers set out in Cox’s Bazar, a dream of third world and the fishing village begin their preparation. The team struggle with language barriers and the negotiation as soon realize that the odds against him perhaps. Time, no reliable carpenters and deportations soon the plague of the crew.

Integrate into the community of fishermen / pirates and soon become closely with Kamal their “boat guy. It becomes his confidant and warns them of impending danger – the police, pirates, etc, with the U.S. on the brink of war set sail for Australia. We Were Pirates is an inspiring story of four young people overcome difficulties in achieving a dream. Full of humor and drama of the film is set in the most corrupt and wetter in the world.

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