Way Back Home | A Himalayan Travelogue : Episode 1

  • Published 7 months ago
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Himalayan, “a board of snow” is the last frontier, the King of all mountains. Species have gone extinct, and civilizations have been destroyed.

The Himalayan is a challenge many people try to overcome in their life. Saying you’ve climbed the Himalayan is something that helps you stand out of the mass, and puts you in an elite group with select few.

Ronnie, or Rohan Thakur is a young Himachali who wants to help people go through self-discovery. It is well said that many people embark on the road to self-discovery by trying to find peace in the Himalayan Mountains.

Ronnie has made a series of travelogues, starting from India, and embarking on the journey to the Himalayan, across the seven valleys of the Lower Himalayan ranges.

Ronnie takes the audience on a journey, an experience like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before, covering activities like travel, music and lifestyle.

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