The World’s Greatest Money Maker: Warren Buffett

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Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. Its decisions on the purchase of shares and companies have exceeded the stock market year after year, and became the world’s richest man – believed to worth 37 billion dollars.

However, Buffett lives modestly in his native Omaha, U.S. mid-west, and runs his business worth 150 billion, with a staff of just twenty years.

Evan Davis meets him to find out about your unique investment strategy and his eccentric lifestyle.

He speaks with the Buffett family, friends and colleagues about the man they call the Sage of Omaha, and a friend of Buffett, Bill Gates praises his philosophy of life.

As the greed of the super rich is widely criticized in the current financial crisis, Davis wonders whether Warren Buffett is the acceptable face of the filthy rich

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