The Purpose of Purpose: Richard Dawkins (Lecture)

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Professor Dawkins titled his talk as the purpose of purpose and began with an anecdote from Peter Atkins asked about a real family, but what about the questions why? And Atkins answer, which is a silly question.

Dawkins said that wonder why for inanimate objects such as air or rocks is most likely inadequate. However, ask why organisms seem to have been made often in the past.

Identified a number of cases amusing, as when they say that pets provide a means to keep the meat fresh until we need to eat, head lice are a strong incentive for personal cleanliness, large predators allowed hunters to test their courage, and encouraged industry gadflies and the use of wit in the fight against them.

This mentality persists to this day, says Dawkins, appearing in the video of Ray Comfort banana, which has a particularly large mass of audience laughter comfort with the claim that the banana was just the right shape to fit in the human mouth .

Dawkins said that, unfortunately, the video was not just a joke. Comfort has apparently offered to give $ 10,000 to Comfort Dawkins debate. Dawkins responded by saying he would be quiet until comfort only if the donated $ 100K to the new foundation of Dawkins.

Then Dawkins compares the modern version, domesticated bananas to the fruit of wild bananas, showing that many properties that comfort was attributed to the designs of God are actually decisions of the artificial selection by humans.

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