The Private Life of Plants

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The series uses time-lapse sequences extensively to provide knowledge that would otherwise be nearly impossible. Plants live in a different time scale, and although his life is very complex and often surprising, most of it is invisible to humans unless events that happen for months or even years are shown in seconds. Like many traditional wildlife documentaries, which makes almost no use of computer animation. The series also discusses fungi, but as noted, they do not belong to the realm of plants.

The mechanisms of evolution are taught transparently, showing the advantages of different types of plant behavior in action.

Adaptations are often complex, as is evident that the environment to which plants must adapt not only understands the soil, water and climate, but also from other plants, fungi, insects and other animals and even humans . The series shows that the strategies of cooperation are often much more effective than predators, as they often lead to prey developing methods of self defense – from plants growing spikes to insects learning to recognize the mime . However, humans can avoid all these rules of nature, so Attenborough concludes with a call to preserve plants, for the sake of self-preservation.

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