The Oasis

  • Published 2 years ago
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Every night across Australia more than 22,000 young people have nowhere to sleep. Filmed over two years, this documentary follows Captain Paul Moulds of the Oasis Youth Network, who has devoted his life to save. With scenes that some viewers may be uncomfortable and often language courses, this movie tries to remain faithful to reality and accurately reflect life in the streets.

Darren is the type of child that the world has been canceled. Abandoned by his mother at 8, beaten in intensive care for their host families in 10, a spiral into drug addiction and lived on the street hard for over a decade. But since he appeared at the door of OASIS, a dirty red brick shelter in the youth of the city center of Sydney, who had nowhere to go, one person has been there for him all day: Captain Paul Moulds.

The father figure, counselor, savior, and an orphan himself, Paul is nothing short of a legend among children and Darren, who face OASIS at the point of rupture. No story is too terrible, too extreme no circumstances, no child too damaged. During his chaotic 25 years of service that has helped hundreds of treating young people with unspeakable childhood trauma, chronic drug addiction, mental illness, and all the other drama of street life.

Paul is present at the birth of newborn babies and not to conduct the funerals of those who self-destruct prematurely. On the wall of his cluttered office in which many children have found temporary salvation hangs the mission statement of life: “I want a rescue shop a yard of hell”

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