The Modern Racist Paradigm

  • Published 5 years ago
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This is a documentary that exposes well documented long-term media program to standardize White Caucasians as the social norm of society in general.

Through globalization and centralization of the means of White and constant propagation of repetitive images depicting Caucasians in a positive role as protagonists while usually represents a non-Caucasians as supporting characters and antagonists – which are often linked to issues and negative stereotypes – the elite media have been able to effectively general conditions in society subconsciously adhering to a racist social hierarchy in which whites are in the same vertex.

The documentary addresses many modern-day internalized racist psychological measures (unconsciously internalized racism) which are unknowingly passed down from generation to generation due to globalization and the spread of the whiteness of a process of cultural assimilation which is directly derived from historical European expansionism, colonialism and imperialism.

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