The Hawking Paradox

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Professor Brian Cox reveals how fundamental scientific principles and laws to explain not only the history of the universe, but the story of us all. Destiny.

Having explored the wonders of the solar system, Professor Brian Cox boldly steps an even bigger stage – the universe. Who are we? Where do we come? For thousands of years mankind has turned to religion and the myth of the answers to these enduring questions. But in this series, Brian has a different set of answers – answers of science. Stardust. At the second stop in his exploration of the wonders of the universe, Professor Brian Cox goes in search of the essence of humanity to respond to the most important questions of all: what are we? Where did we come from? This film is the story of matter – the material they’re made of.

The Fall. In the third episode, Professor Brian Cox in the history of the force that shapes the entire universe – gravity. Gravity seems so familiar, and yet it is a strange and striking forces in the universe. From a zero gravity flight, Brian experienced the feeling of weightlessness total, and considers that the amount of density effect has had on the world around us. Messengers. In the last episode of the epic Professor Brian Cox across the universe, he travels from the Burgess Shale fossils in the sands of the world’s oldest desert to show how light is the key to our understanding of the entire universe, including our own deepest origins.

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