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How are limits characterized in satire? Is there a line, and provided that this is true, when is it alright to cross it? Is it accurate to say that it is in our tendency to make fun of things that make us uncomfortable, themes that may somehow or another be viewed as pressing or forbidden?

Lately humorists have confronted expanded investigation over the nature of their material, to a great extent because of the ever-present and lasting nature of the data age. Certain funnies have been made to apologize for culpable individuals from their gatherings of people, while others have lost employments because of the scattering of jokes that were esteemed "in poor taste."

The narrative "That is Not Funny" will address these issues, occasions and more through verifiable investigation, archival footage, and direct meetings with entertainers, satire fans, and the individuals who would try to force a farthest point to what is viewed as adequate for an entertainer to say in front of an audience or somewhere else.

By investigating and examining this matter with an even hand, we want to touch base at superior information of why every side feels so enthusiastically about such a divisive theme, furthermore maybe a deeper comprehension of the capacity of parody itself.

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