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In 1971, heavy rains fell across much of eastern Nebraska. Paleontologist Mike Voorhies In the summer he traveled to the farmlands in the entire Midwest City Orchard. What would discover exceeded their wildest dreams. It was a vision of a prehistoric sudden disaster. Voorhies Excavation revealed that the fossilized bones of 200 Rhinos, along with prehistoric skeletons of camels, lizards, turtles and horses. That data shows that all died abruptly 10 million years. The cause of death, however, remains a mystery. It was old age …

Hidden deep beneath the surface of the Earth are one of the most destructive natural phenomena and even less understood in the world – super volcanoes. Only a handful exist in the world, but when one erupts it differs from a volcano we have ever seen. The explosion was heard around the world. The sky will darken, black rain falling, the earth will sink into the equivalent of a nuclear winter.

Normal volcanoes are formed by a column of magma – molten rock – rising from the depths of the earth, erupting at the surface, and hardening of the layers on the sides. This form of the cone shaped mountain we associate with family volcanoes. Super volcanoes, however, begin life when magma rises from the mantle to create a boiling reservoir in the crust. This chamber increases to an enormous size, building colossal pressure until it finally explodes.

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