Stephen Fry in America: Mississippi

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Stephen starts his epic journey of 2000 miles up the Mississippi on the streets of voodoo sensual, steeped in New Orleans in its busiest day of the year – Mardi Gras.

It is a voodoo priestess Jew, a war veteran experiencing flashbacks of Iraq abandoned neighborhoods destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, down-and-outs not living the American dream, and takes a tour through Angola, one of most notorious prisons in the United States.

In the Delta blues is obtained with actor Morgan Freeman at his club in Clarksdale, and in Chicago drives guitar legend Guy friends around his old stomping grounds on the south side. Giving up the calm in the headquarters of Transcendental Meditation in Iowa travels to Motown in Detroit, where it gets to drive in a Model T and the latest Cadillac with your designer before enjoying the rustic beauty of an Amish farm and learn to milk a sheep in Wisconsin.

The source of the river in Minnesota learn Hmong refugees, so far from their places of opium cultivation in Laos, are adapting to the snowy wastes before taking his first fish in forty years in the ice of Lake Minnetonka.

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