Pornography: The Secret History of Civilisation

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The six animated episodes playful take into account what is in the minds of people more easily supported, and has been an important, though often maligned world culture since man could think of these things. This documentary is an elegant and orderly chronological account of erotic images to categorize the episodes from the earliest history of the last (from the late 20) the prospects for the Internet and virtual technology.

A number of interview subjects to students of porn stars talk about everything from the graphic images found in the ruins of Pompeii and unique erotic type negotiated between European groups of class, which is for individuals to make and distribute their own games for adults through the installation of video cameras bedroom.

Before he was demonized and censored when the printing press brought porn to the masses, seems erotic drawings were a lot of fun glad that was not at all stigmatized. (One of the funniest sequences is an interview with a renowned art historian and erotic septuagenarian who is interviewed about his specialty, while reclining naked under the gaze of a woman drawing her portrait.)

Once the Church was involved, given that representations of men, women and animal doing what came naturally as obscene, a relatively modern classification – moved in the shadows of sociological study. Episodes of photography, including still and moving images, and modern technology impact did the creation of a pornography industry are interesting, but not quite enlightening for most people with even a superficial knowledge of the evolution the eroticism of the French postal adult video.

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