Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

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Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives is a BAFTA-winning TV narrative show in 2007 on BBC Scotland and BBC Four, in which American rock performer Mark Oliver Everett converses with physicists and the previous partners of his dad Hugh Everett—about his dad's numerous planets elucidation of quantum mechanics.

The narrative was shot and coordinated by Louise Lockwood and altered by Folko Boermans. The American debut screening was at the 2008 inaugural World Science Festival in New York. The narrative was demonstrated in full before every show amid the Eels' 2008 world visit. An appeal was begun to convince the BBC to issue the narrative on DVD.

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives was show in the United States on the PBS program Nova on 21 October 2008. The US form of the narrative highlights American voice performing artists for the portrayal. This rendition was accessible in DVD yet has dropped no longer in production. The British adaptation of the narrative is described by Annie Mac.

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