On the Real Ale Trail

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"This is the second featured documentary about real life Britain from an up and coming documentary producer and writer Russell Cavanagh. Real ale brewing is a booming industry in these economically austere times when traditional tied pubs (selling usually bland beer) are closing in droves across the UK.

“On the Real Ale Trail” is a documentary film by Russell Cavanagh telling the story of Sheffield’s first organised tour of micro-breweries and independent pubs (“free houses”). Although only England’s fourth biggest city, Sheffield has realistic ambitions to become the real ale capital of Britain.

On the Real Ale Trail shows first-hand what it was like to experience the inaugural tour of a new company, realaletrail.co.uk, and gives a fascinating insight into the very social world of micro brewing and real ale appreciation.

Russell’s other post can be found here http://www.documentarytube.com/land-of-milk-and-honey"

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