MythBusters: Moon Landing Wasn’t a Hoax

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MythBusters: Moon Landing Wasn’t a Hoax is a documentary that attempts to question the theories that suggest NASA’s landing on the Moon was a hoax.

The MythBusters chose Marshall as one of several NASA locations for an episode that would help debunk the conspiracy theories surrounding the landing on the Moon. A team of Marshall Scientists helped with the tests. Tests were conducted which involved a feather, a weight, a lunar soil boot print, and a flag in a vacuum.

A small scale replica of the lunar landing site was built with a flat surface and a single distant spotlight to represent the Sun. Photo was taken and all the shadows in the photo were found to be parallel as proposed by the myth.

The topography of the model included a slight hill around the location of the near rocks. As a result the shadows were formed on a slope instead of a flat surface.

What was witnessed was that the resulting photograph had the same shadow directions as were seen in the photographs released by NASA from Apollo 14. In order to further test this, they built a much larger scale (1:6) replica of the landing site. It included a dust surface with a color similar to lunar soil.

MythBusters took a photograph almost identical to the original NASA photo from Apollo 11. The documentary explains how the astronaut was visible due to the light which was being reflected off the surface of the Moon.

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