Kurt Cobain: About a Son

  • Published 9 months ago
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This documentary is directed by Gus Van Sant and it is looking into the life and untimely death of the 90s rock icon Kurt Cobain. The video itself, character wise, is more resembling to an autobiography rather than a documentary.

The opening of the documentary is a narrative by Cobain himself. He is not sown in the film until the very end. The filmmakers used time-lapse and still photography in the documentary to portray Cobain’s birthplace on the Northwest, i.e. Aberdeen along with Olympia, and Seattle. These particular locations portray Cobain`s words.

The music written by Cobain and the absence of any picture generates a feeling of absence. The soundtrack combines an ambient score from producer Steve Fisk and Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and his favorites like David Bowie. ‘About a Son’ nowhere suggest that it will provide a definitive portrait of Cobain.

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