Kampuchea: From Pond to Fountains

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The Government of Cambodia has done a wonderful job in recent years to reduce poverty, with rates going down from 53% in 2004 to 20.5% in 2011. The number of poor people in the country was cut down to 2 in 10, which is great considering in 2004, five out of ten people were poor.

The government focused on increased rice production and higher rice prices, all of which helped the country exceed the Millennium Development Goal and become one of the best performers in the area of poverty reduction in the world. Still, Cambodia is still a poor country, and children and their parents work around the clock to ensure the future of the country.

The documentary titled “Kampuchea, from pond to fountains” is a documentary focusing on NGOs in the country working with children, their parents and everyone involved to ensure the future and hope of the country, the children.

Child labor was a huge thing in Cambodia, and the NGOs tried to change that. With the help of international organizations, local NGOs helped improve health care for children and adults, provide children with access to education and much more. Take a look at the challenges the organizations faced towards ensuring children in Cambodia have a bright future.

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