Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

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Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on the bench is an award winning NOVA documentary on Kitzmiller v. For Dover Area School District, which focused on the question of whether or not intelligent design could be seen as science and taught in science class at school. Aired on PBS in November 2007 and includes interviews with the judge, witnesses and lawyers, as well as re-enacted scenes (no cameras allowed in court).

The film was praised by nature, and is described as accurate by the National Center for Science Education. Variety magazine also gave the film a positive review and said it was one of the projects most important years of television, which “must show not only in all U.S. high schools, but in the homes of worship.”

In contrast to the positive reception the film has been given to supporters of creationism and intelligent design have criticized the film. The Discovery Institute has developed a Web site critical of the issue. Answers in Genesis claimed the evidence for evolution by scientists on the Day of Judgement was fallacious. The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) also stated that the film was not balanced. WKNO-TV, the local PBS affiliate in Memphis decided not to broadcast the documentary because of the “controversial nature” on the subject, but has since pledged to spread in 2008.

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