Is Seeing Believing?

  • Published 1 year ago
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Horizon explores the weird and wonderful world of illusions – and reveals the tricks they play on our senses and misleading.

We show how easy it is to trick the senses of taste, changing the colors of the food and drink, which explains how you can change is what you hear, and see how unreliable our sense of color can be.

But all this deception has a serious purpose. It is helping scientists to create a new understanding of how our senses work – not all the individual senses, but interconnected.

Bring out the intriguing possibility that a sense could be assigned to another. This is what happened to Daniel Kish, who lost his sight as a child.
Now she is able to create a world view, click your tongue allowing it like a bat echolocation.

And in a series of magnetic resonance imaging, scientists are now trying to find out if the brains of Daniel may have actually rewired itself that lets you use sound to create a visual image of the world.

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