The Extinction of The Siberian Tiger

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This remarkable documentary follows the story of an adult
female Siberian tiger named Katia and her cub for a birthday. Their travel
route takes us to the remote part of Russia. Unfortunately, on their journey,
they will be drawn into a conflict with humans.

This beautiful species once roamed from eastern Russia to
South Korea, but the damage inflicted on the population by poaching and the
destruction of their natural habitat resulted in the decrease in population
with only a couple of hundred Siberian tigers left in this vast terrain.

Katia and her cub are travelling through the Sikhote Alin Biosphere
Reserve, which represents the core of the tiger dwellings. This sanctuary,
located in the Eastern Russia, is the last breeding ground for the Siberian
tigers. It is also the largest wildlife sanctuary in Russia.

The purpose of this documentary is to raise awareness about
the decline of this amazing species and hopefully make a change for the better.
The extinction is a near future for this animal, unless something is done to
prevent it.

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