In the Shadow of the Tiger

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This remarkable film follows the story of an adult female Siberian tiger named Katia and her cub for a birthday. His travels bring us to a remote part of Russia and its conflict with his natural enemy, man.

This species of tiger once roamed from eastern Russia to South Korea, but the destruction of poaching and habitat means there are only a few hundred Siberian tigers left.

By Katia and her cub, who travels through the Biosphere Reserve lies in the Sikhote Alin heartland of Siberian tiger. It is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the Russian Far East, and an important breeding ground for the last remaining wild Siberian tigers.

The harsh climate and the elusive nature of tiger have left many questions unanswered about his life. This documentary is a fascinating portrait of how trying to understand the tiger and human help have increased their number, and may ultimately save this endangered species.

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