Illuminati and Michael Jackson’s Death

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So is there a connection to Michael Jackson and his death from the infamous Illuminati? This brief documentary seeks to present Michael Jackson's stance and draws many parallels to symbolism associated with the Illuminati.

Michael Jackson and his family maintain that he was none of these things but of course there are few in this world who know of Michael Jackson and who do not hold their own opinion…rightly or wrongly.

The point in question is whether the Illuminati sought to disparage Jackson’s fame and influence because he blatantly flouted many of the Illuminati principles and did they as a group use their immense power to influence the general public?

Jackson spoke repeatedly that he was going to be killed through a conspiracy of those would branded him with many labels including :



Child molester



Drug user

There is talk of the Illuminati embedding satanic lyrics into Jackson’s songs and seeking every opportunity to discredit him….and he claims to have been infected with vitiligo by them.

Did the Illuminati then orchestrate Michael Jackson’s death…murder him?

Perhaps we will never know but this documentary does make one think…if only for a while.

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