Hidden Killers Of The Post-War Home

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World War II was the most disastrous and catastrophic war in the history of mankind. Millions of casualties, even more injured, and who knows how many left with traumatic memories of the war.

After the War ended, we began our new life, a life in a peaceful, and post-war environment. In Britain, people embraced changes to the design of their homes for the first time in a while.

After the war, people in Britain wanted a safe place where they can live and bring up their families. But one can say that the post-war home was the most dangerous place you could be. Domestic living was comfortable, but the price we paid for the innovations that made it into our home was expensive.

The post-war home in Britain changed the look, as people embraced modern design after years of austerity. The post-war home featured fiberglass, plastics, polyester, molded plywood furniture, and many other technologies that were developed during World War II. How safe are they? Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb, a British historian and television presenter talks about the hidden dangers of the post-war home.

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