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What if all the information in the world is classified and can be searched easily? What if all the news from around the world, all books, texts, pictures and videos that exist in a place in the world would be collected and will be available everywhere? That is precisely the goal of Google and does not take long for it to be done. Through well-known search engine, Google Earth, where all information is classified by geographical location, along with Google Books, a project in Google digitizes complete libraries.

Tegenlicht visit Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, and spoke with Vint Cerf, who commissioned by the U.S. military is the precursor to the Internet developed. Cert now works at Google, which helps create and develop new possibilities of the Internet. How does the development of the Internet and the role of Google?

Google grows like a cabbage and continue to hire more and more intelligent people to achieve their goal of the company faster. But the company is also aware of the dangers and consequences as the organizer of all information in the world? Google is like the new library of Alexandria, but a tool of information much faster and skilled? Google’s intentions seem right, given the company motto ‘Don’ t be bad. ”

But in China to cooperate in censorship, Google has lost confidence. For who assures us that Google will not do elsewhere? In addition to the millions of daily users thankful for Google in attempts to increase the flow of information in the right direction, more and more people who see Google as a new brother, who not only determines what information is available, but also that which, as the information is sought.

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