Gladiators: Back From The Dead

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The savagery of the gladiatorial combats, was depicted as Channel 4 investigated the discovery of 80 skeletons in an archaeological dig York.

As reported in the press, the skeletons of 80 years, most big men, stalwart of the Roman period were found in an excavation in Driffield Terrace, Holgate.

TV Documentary – Gladiators: Back From The Dead – examined the theory that men were the gladiators, on the basis of evidence include the fact that some had wounds that may have been caused fighting in an amphitheater, a the more revealing than a bite mark of a large carnivore like a tiger or a bear.

The men were also buried with some respect and his final resting place grave goods included, as well as the large joints of meat – making it less likely that criminals were executed.

But the gladiatorial theory is still open to discussion. So far there has been no evidence of an amphitheater is in New York and there is nothing conclusive about the injuries of men.

They could have been caused by fighting and no weapons were no injuries as the three-pronged trident which were used specifically for certain types of gladiators.

Because of the York Archaeological Trust has created a website that offers the public an opportunity to express their opinion. Opinions can be left at

John Walker, executive director of York Archaeological Trust, said: “This is an exciting finding that provides a real-world view of the interpretation of archeology.”

“In archeology, that rarely is final. Almost always there are elements of “likely” and “probably” and the work of archaeologists is to weigh the evidence and make an informed decision about the most likely explanation. “

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