First People - America! Who Were the First to Set Foot on American Soil?

  • Published 1 year ago
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Today there are 7 billion of US (homo sapiens) living across seven continents in the world. This story takes you through the journey of the first homo sapiens that appeared in Africa, how he crossed the continent, colonized Europe and spread across seven continents.

The final frontier, America, was the last continent to be conquered. Trying to answer the question who first set foot on American soil, the documentary examines all the mysteries, conspiracy theories and much more about first people in America and how did they get there.

And if you thought Christopher Colombo and Amerigo Vespucci were the first people in America, think again. Archaeologists explain the stories and the life of first nomads, the first people in America.

One of the widely accepted assumption of America is that the first people there were the Clovis people, who arrived on foot 13,000 years ago. But a discovery made in Mexico, changes that assumption, as the documentary examines the discovery of the first people who came to America on boat.

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