Earth Story

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Proclaiming the new period of advanced TV, this unbelievable BBC narrative was one of the first significant projects to introduce the new
time, in 1998. Aubrey Manning takes viewers on a voyage of revelation over our
one of a kind planet, and the miracles inside.

Earth Story disentangles the insider facts of our planet and
brings it alive. The arrangement took three years to make, cost £3million and
was taped everywhere throughout the world, from the pits of dynamic volcanoes
to the sea floor.

Where the cams couldn't go, in both time and space, the most
recent liveliness methods assume control. Joining no frills footage with best
in class PC design which empower us to go back and advances through time, this
is a phenomenal voyage of exploratory revelation and an exhaustive history of
life, in all its structures on this planet.

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