Canada's Toxic Chemical Valley

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This is a film about segregation and voracity and about what happens when keeping up appearances is no more vital. The main thing you perceive about Sarnia, Ontario is the scent. The poisonous fragrance of gas, dissolving black-top, and spoiled eggs strongly slithers up your nostrils and attacks your body.

That scent is the Chemical Valley where 40% of Canada's petrochemical industry is found. The Chemical Valley is in charge of the production of fuel, plastic, beatufiers, pesticides, manufactured elastic and numerous different items that society now depend on. Indeed, it has been evaluated that in 2013 the Canadian petrochemical industry will produce around $24 billion in deals. These plants and refineries work relentless 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What's considerably a larger number of preposterous than the stench, is the way that a metal wall is the main thing that divides the Chemical Valley from the First Nations Reserve called Aamjiwnaang; a group of around 1,000 individuals.

This little native group has reported a disturbing rate of instances of growth and premature deliveries more than the national normal. But the administration demonstrates no enthusiasm for coordinating studies to focus the degree of the wellbeing hazard that the Chemical Valley postures to the populace of Aamjiwnaang.

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