Battle of the Brains

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Can you think of 100 different uses for a sock? How to cope with glasses that turn everything upside down? What is emotional intelligence? Can you create a work of art in 10 minutes? Horizonte has seven people who are some of the highest flayers in his field: a musical prodigy, a quantum physicist, an artist, a playwright, a fighter pilot in the RAF, a chess grandmaster and an operator Wall Street, and put through a battery of tests to measure intelligence. Who is smarter?

The main way to measure intelligence, the IQ test is based on research carried out even before Einstein was in his prime. Because these tests label us with a unique number that are still popular and convenient way to divide people into clever clogs and foolish.

However, most psychologists agree that only tell half the story, at best. Where they disagree is how to measure intelligence, for the simple reason that we do not know exactly what it is.

Horizon looks for evidence of intelligence in the brain, our genes and our training and testing of some of the latest theories with them to see which of the seven has the highest intelligence. Wall Street Trader, Hasselbauer Nathan has an IQ of 167, but is it creative? Artist Stella Vine school left at 13, how do you know the distance from London to Hong Kong? Playwright and critic Bonnie Greer has a great vocabulary, but he likes inductive logic?

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