Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

  • Published 7 months ago
  • 4.5

This is a potentially controversial docu-drama about Adolf Hitler, showing his life growing up, and his reign of Germany through WW2.

Most historical documentaries show Hitler as the mad leader behind the slaughter of countless people, and while that part is true, the story behind his life, through defeat in the trenches WW1, his desire to be an artist, and his upbringing is rarely told.

During World War 1, which is a turning point in the life of Adolf Hitler, he reportedly loved the trench warfare, even volunteering for hazardous duty, and was actually awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class for Bravery.

The film also goes into Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, one of the worlds best selling books, which gives not only his political and social views, but also talks about boxing, Syphilis and other seemingly random topics.

Using historical footage and re-created scenes, this documentary may not change your opinions of the most talked about German Leaders in history, but should at least give you more insight into his life and why he did what he did.

This film is broken into parts, starting with the trailer.

Be sure to see the filmmaker’s website at:

4.5/10 (52 reviews)

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