9/11 The Falling Man

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"This is the story of an historic and most photographed and filmed event..9/11 World Trade Centre, New York, terrorist attack. Everyone can remember what they were doing on this fateful day. There was one specific photograph of a man falling from the World Trade Centre which was considered to distasteful to be continued showing but this documentary seeks to put a name to this man and close one of the mysteries surrounding this catastrophe.

The documentary considers all the events of the day…for some people in the burning trade centre there was only one option left to avoid burning to death… jumping to their ultimate death!! Reporters photographed the grim situation and they say they could see the people falling and then the horrific sound of them hitting the ground which sounded like a thud of a bag of cement being thrown to the ground.

The documentary is filled with very emotive and extremely sad instances of personal tragedy… none could be unmoved by this shocking review. It has been sympathetically addressed in this documentary but it is none the less spine chilling to remember back to that day. The phone calls and text messages from the twin towers just emphasises the situation as it deteriorated.

With all the controversy, conspiracy theories and speculation surrounding this world tragedy it is the moving stories surrounding the event which truly stick in the mind.

The fall from the building is such a public way to die…described as a 10 second fall to the after life!!! So terribly public…so terrible. These people KNEW that they had no option but to jump…how did they deal with this? and how did the friends, family relatives of those trapped in the twin towers deal with this?

The photographs taken on this fateful day described the bodies falling from the towers and the moral decision on whether to promulgate these images. The “Falling Man” photograph just told the whole story and could be a Pulitzer prize winning image but regardless of all the potential for negative feedback the picture was released on September 12th. The reader response was extreme and was repulsed but the picture most certainly made everyone who seen it think deeply about the tragic circumstances. This photograph has rarely been seen or reproduced since the fateful 9/11 and the self censorship took over to be replaced by the heroic images of the massive rescue mission and the American spirit.

The US Coroners office stated that… No one jumped .. they were blown out… Why was this statement made?

The quest to identify the falling man got deeper but the underlying shock and trauma following the fateful i9s still evident throughout this documentary. Checking all the images on the thousands of posters dotted around New York were fruitless but one chance sighting of one of the posters identified someone who could well be the falling man…Norberto Hernandez.

His wife and three daughters refused to accept that the “falling Man” was their husband and father…there is the belief that anyone committing suicide would automatically go to hell…this is not fair to this poor family.

Richard Pecorella was one of those left behind who has come to terms with the dilemma that his wife had no option but to jump to avoid being burned alive…he has reconciled with this fact now..that is heroic in it’s self.

This documentary then takes a turn in that it shows that the picture of the “Falling Man” was just one of a series, sequence of 12…looking at these would allow much better recognition of the person in the spotlight….these new photos might allow definitive understanding of whether this was Noberto or not. The family were able to confirm that this was NOT their husband or father… The only thing now was the almost irrefutable fact that the falling man had indeed come from the “windows of the world” restaurant in the twin towers.

This could now have been a sound engineers working on conferences at the restaurant … Jonathan Bryley who’s father was a preacher…this was a traumatic interview defining a smiling happy person. Was the jump a “Leap of Faith” by someone who had total belief in his god or perhaps the shocking realisation that he could die through burning.

This is simply a defining and compelling documentary. The picture stands as the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” of that cruel day.

There is a further assessment of the religious implications of 9/11 and this can be found here…… 9/11 Religion, A Brief History of Disbelief

A search for the perpetrators of this atrocity is outlined in this other documentary can be found here.

You may wish to read a little more surrounding this monumental event and one link is here http://www.911proof.com/"

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