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Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

Health|11 Nov, 2012|67 Comments |
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‘Vaccination: The Hidden Truth’ is an investigative and extremely informative film in which fifteen people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors and other well known researchers, reveal what is really going on in the context of illness and vaccines.

It is a commonly held belief that vaccines help children keep healthy and the government pushes it heavily for prevention of diseases. But the film challenges this very premise and tries to bring to the forefront answers to questions such as Was it really vaccines that saved us? Why are they only counterproductive? How are many statistics misleading?

What do vaccines contain? What are they doing to our organs, immune systems, even our genes? Are childhood diseases really dangerous to healthy children? Why does vaccination continue? What are our rights? Can vaccine damage be evaluated and countered? What is the true key to immunity?

The documentary confronts the debatable question whether childhood diseases be done away with given that they help in the development of a strong immunity system in the childhood which keeps people healthy even in the later stages of their lives or should vaccinations be continued even though some results show how vaccines are ineffective and times even harmful.

In a  broad sense, instead of resulting in prophylaxis, meaning prevention, all responses to vaccines actually fall under the broad umbrella of anaphylaxis, which means sensitization, the OPPOSITE of immunization.

The film thus tries to present the not-so-rosy picture of the phenomenon called vaccination educating people about the dangers it poses and the reasons as to why the government fervently promotes it.

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth, 3.2 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. mamabilly29 says:

    please don’t blame doctors, doctors advice a vaccination because in med school we are taught (or indoctrinated (?)) that vaccination is good for your health . lately i realize that we can not confirm what have been taught to us in medical school. and yes may be the weakened viral/ viral component would really work on our immune system, but does a vial of vaccine contains viral component/weakened viral only??? no, we are never been taught about what is the complete ingredient.

  2. filoIII says:

    The Amish are fairly isolated in that they don’t deal w/ the outside community that much.

  3. I knew that the vaccination is an evil plan to kill the masses…..

  4. ArcanaKnight says:

    How someone is exposed doesn’t really affect the type of immune response provoked, so being exposed intramuscularly wouldn’t really have an affect on that. Vaccines don’t bypass the th1 response; in fact, they can be formulated to provoke either one, and new research is being done even now to find new and better ways to further refine and enhance this targeted response.

  5. kel do says:

    Contraction of disease does not equate prevention of disease. And apparently you are not educated enough on how the immune system works otherwise youd be aware of the fact that the immune system consists of more then just antibodies. Vaccines bypass th1 immune response, It also overwhelms th2. Leading to a suppressed th1 and dominate th2, which could lead to autoimmune disorders, allergies, chronic and frequent infection, ect.

  6. ArcanaKnight says:

    CONT “these artifical methods of induction of disease are dangerous to the devolpment of the immune system & body” How exactly are they supposedly more dangerous than being exposed to the wild viruses? Do you have any actual evidence to back up your claim?

  7. ArcanaKnight says:

    “The function of a vaccine is to induce an immune response, the only way that can happen is to cause yourself to be infected with the disease” The first part is true, but your mistake is in equating being exposed to a dead/weakened form of a virus with being infected with the disease; they are not the same.”Because natural disease doesnt work like that. Thats why.” Which still doesn’t explain why it should matter because there’s no difference in the antibodies produced.

  8. kel do says:

    The function of a vaccine is to induce an immune response, the only way that can happen is to cause yourself to be infected with the disease. Despite that this virus vaccine is “weaker”, its 100% misleading when implying “preventitive”. You are exposing yourself to the viral agent. Why does being infected intramuscularly matter? Because natural disease doesnt work like that. Thats why. And these artifical methods of induction of disease are dangerous to the devolpment of the immune system & body

  9. buerebuistas says:

    Biologists and biochemists deal with it. Doctors know how it works or how it should function vaccines? There are case studies for that? No, not there, because experiments on infants and children are prohibited.

  10. buerebuistas says:

    Before you hazard and make stupid statements, better put your questions and even some I would suggest one, do you know if you are allowed experiences newborns, children in general? I tell you, is prohibited! In that case, how stupid can you be, so as to recommend vaccination of infants, children generally without the knowledge of what might happen to them? How dumb can you be and recommend “a real doctor”? Have you ever heard them deals with the study and manufacture vaccines?

  11. This video is pure misinformation promoted by not-very-well-informed, deluded and unscientific people. Don’t believe a word of it. Get your kids vaccinated and get vaccinated yourself. If in doubt, speak to your doctor, a REAL doctor.

  12. ArcanaKnight says:

    “Vaccine for hepatitus at 2yrs old??? WTF for” You’ve never even tried to look up the reason for it, have you? Small children can and do get infected with it, and when they do, they’re much more likely to be lifelong carriers than people who’re infected as adults. Here’s an article explaining in more detail why we’re vaccinated against it as small children instead of as adults: tinyurlDOTcom/ah6tlvr

  13. BX0207 says:

    Hey moron..When I was growing up there was maybe 5 vaccines kids needed..Today my kids have a list of almost 30..fuck off withthe bullshit..Vaccine for hepatitus at 2yrs old??? WTF for..In case he meets a chick on teh beach..or in cae he walks into a bar and uses somone elses beer glass…Gimme a break..Injecting our kids with money tissues, and bacteria and who knows what else…BULLSHIT

  14. ArcanaKnight says:

    “why do we still vaccinate?” Because the diseases we vaccinate against still exist. This is in part the blame of anti-vaxers lowering vaccination rates through misinformation and unfounded fearmongering. Before the recent anti-vax resurgence, a couple diseases were on track to go the way of smallpox within the next few years, which would’ve meant a couple less vaccines would be on the schedule.

  15. ArcanaKnight says:

    “you would listen and refute the propaganda in this article…” That’s actually already been done: watch?v=M2PiPEr0h1c Suffice it to say, its generally a bad sign when a documentary starts off with a disclaimer basically saying “we know our claims are bogus, but you can’t sue us if you listen to them”.

  16. murronius says:

    Yes fear mongering… The best example yet to date of which is… the pharmas using herd immunity as an excuse to get everyone to vaccinate and scare the government into enforcing mandatory vaccines and to pay for everyones vaccines… Then us the spin that the poor countries can’t afford the vaccines to make it all look legit… Yep just good old fear mongering and manipulation… Nothing new… basic corruption…

  17. murronius says:

    You also do not really give a shit about others… Arcana… If you actually did care like you claim to you would listen and refute the propaganda in this article without just claiming that it is in fact all just made up… I would love to see a perfect counter to this video… You know it ain’t gonna happen… You know why? Simply because it is all true… There is no rebuttal to the truth… You also know that if the pharmas do rebut… so will these people… since they know there stuff

  18. murronius says:

    its actually so idiots like you Arcana don’t try to sue them with a frivolous law suit… Simple as that… Since you would argue that water is gasoline if the Government told you too… You obviously cannot think for yourself and you are obviously fully up to date on your vaccination schedule… I am sure that the future world that “your” world is heading to is a wonderful peaceful non- violent place…

  19. murronius says:

    lol I guess its the same reason that doctors make you sign a agreement releasing them of any liability when they vaccinate you..Arcana. One really has to wonder… Do you really have your head so far up your ass that you cannot even see any light at all? Do you wonder why people think your a troll? You probably believe the official story of 911 as well..And that really says it all doesn’t it? Anyone who actually believes the official story after reading the real evidence is officially deluded..

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