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Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed

Social|26 Jun, 2012|137 Comments |
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On the top floor of a special hospital, locked away from their families and friends, a group of men and women are subjected to a regime of physical violence, the systematic brutality, torture, and by the very people supposed to care for them.

The victims are among the most vulnerable in society – the learning disabled, autism, and suicide. In a special Panorama, Paul Kenyon exposes the truth about a group of caregivers out of control, and how the care system ignored all the warning signs.

Joe Casey spent five weeks filming undercover in a private hospital on the outskirts of Bristol after getting a job as a support worker. He was shocked by what he witnessed.

Bristol police have arrested four people after being secretly filmed by BBC Panorama found a pattern of serious abuses in a residential hospital

Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed, 3.3 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. They are using CIT 1 and CIT 2 Moves taught to them by healthcare professionals, They made this out to be a self defense tactic legal in most states. I was taught this from caregiver classes. But it is still abuse. these people are sick and morally wrong. I have worked with many combative people and redirecting works better in almost all cases. I hope they wen’t to prison. But just remember it is our own system training people to do this.

  2. it was VERY hard and upsetting for me to watch this..i was just sitting on my bed crying and thinking to my self how the f*ck could someone do that to another human being..someone should actually flush they’re head down the toilet or floor them then put they’re elbow in to they’re back see how they like it..god if i could i would walk up to each and everyone of them and spit in they’re face most of the people who were mentally challenged where actually really bright which upsets me even more:(..

  3. The former senior nurse who reported the abuse should of stayed and become the manager. These people need someone in charge who shows respect. This is the worst I’ve seen on YouTube. I hope these people are being treated ok now :(

  4. WolfGhost0 says:

    god how did these retards get to work with these vunruble people,im quessing that they had a CRB check ,but i dont think thats enough..Im pleased that the bbc did this programme “well Done for exposing them stupid pricks”"”

  5. Germany systematically uses torture and murder to silence any opposition. Some of the murders known to the public: Uwe Barschel, Jürgen Möllemann, Heiner Gehring, Martina Pflock, Tron, Karl Koch, Bernd Seiffert, Kirsten Heisig, Fritz Bauer.My brother Markus Bott had been tortured during 5.5 years by the German BND. He was assassinated on 11.7.09 because of our homepage.German snitchers are following me on youtube and immediately flag my postings

  6. XXKandyK09XX says:

    This is sick, I can’t believe that there are actually people out there who subject helpless, ill people who are clueless and defenseless to physical, mental and emotional torture. If I could do anything, I would force them all to go through every. Single. Second of abuse they gave to Simon and Simone. See how they like it when they are pinned to the floor in threat of suffocation, or freezing to death on the floor. I only hope they die a painful, slow death.

  7. BobbyRice2 says:

    Work in care? See this? There’s nothing you can do. I work in care & as such could be fired for discriminating the mighty name of CQC, but let’s just say – that’s the main underlying problem. Any abuse seen in care homes, or any problems, or moral issues you encounter – you have nobody to go to, and the only evidence possible is as such; video footage above. – Even with that video footage, these people weren’t jailed. I work with Dementia, it’s a nasty world.

  8. feathers666 says:

    Well said. I’m currently studying for a career in caring and know what to expect. These people are there for a reason. Almost all violent actions on their behalf are not vindictive, it’s because they cannot help it or at the very least feel huge frustration due to their circumstances in difficulty communicating their needs. Thought and awareness. It’s basic common sense. Something these so-called carers need a massive injection of.

  9. I was speaking honestly …. Today at work for example i have been slapped kicked my top has actually been ripped … Ive had plates cups spoons etc thrown at me …. And i always kept a smile on my face …. Amd tomorrow when i go in work i will not treat that person with any form of grudge and new day a new start …. People like the scum in this video have no right in normal sociaty … Let alone a care enviroment xxx

  10. … Cont…… I have watched carers miss first christmases with there children to make sure someone is looked after in there last hours ….. I have myself been hit in the face by a pacient and then having to comfort them a few minutes later cause they are so confused ….. Not everyone is like people on here and i hope people know that x

  11. bombsmacked says:

    i really understand your point of view shorndrack i thought the same thing, but he needed as much evidence as possible so it would not be classed as a 1 of Incident which would not be enough to shut the home down. i hope thats the case anyway.

  12. shorndrack says:

    Been watching Simone getting tortured from 40.00 to 46.00 and was thinking, whey the undercover guy didnt stop them from treating her like a criminal…may be, they need to have a good footage to make money or is it the right heart to expose the limit of the cruelity to the outer world…i would have respected him more, if he stopped them…

  13. keahi1971 says:

    What is there to investigate!? The proof is right here on film and they need to investigate!? My God. I would rather see them fired, going on trial, and sentenced to life in prison and see how they like the treatment as well as see if they can handle the abuse! God will bless all who has been abused because they hold a special part in His heart. God bless them that persevered through it all.

  14. gilnod says:

    @manitobasuntanner Why do you need qualifications to treat people with respect?.Why do you need qualifications to treat people with compassion?.Why do you need qualifications to help people less able to help themselves?.You cant train people to do these things, they do it as a matter of course without even thinking about it. If people in the care industry have to be qualified in how to show respect or compassion, they’re in the wrong line of work.

  15. 038434945645 says:

    To Simon mother Ann please take Simon out of this evil system this is some thing i have witnessed in a home in bedford i did everything possible but no one helped me i am now watching this and it has bought every thing back so sad we should campaign to have cameras put in these places every where

  16. hayleykh23 says:

    I just want to say that this home is Winterbourne VIEWS and not Winterbourne Care Home! I am a carer at Winterbourne Care Home in Salisbury and when this came out people began to ring the home shouting abuse! This program made me sick to my stomach. I was close to tears! I love being a carer but it is people like these that give us a bad name! Thank god they have been caught!

  17. musticrose says:

    And same on the panorama reporter for letting it go on for so long !!!! Human instinct would of told him to to ring the police not for the abuse to go on for 5 weeks and watch it…..its a good job I didn’t work there because I’m afraid I would of kicked the staffs arse then rang the police myself, you all should be ashamed of yourself s,even the staff nurse and the management and governing body of the home …..yes it’s al right you all getting paid your big fat wages at the end of the week!!

  18. musticrose says:

    After watching this today I am speechless to hear that none of the so called carer’s had any training at all considering these people they were looking after were special needs and vulnerable, the hole system failed again!!!!! I’m sick of hearing about people and kids getting abused after all these years and still it goes on!!! Wayne and gary hope you get jail see if your big THEN!!!!!!! see what happens too you!!!!!

  19. Makes me sick how people can treat other humans like this. If you had a disability and we treated you like that you wouldnt like it. You have totally twisted minds to be honest. My mum owns a place exactly the same to this and i visit the sometimes to clean and stuff and the staff do not treat them like that, they treat them with respects like people should be doing in this video.

  20. this is disgusting. i am a support worker and have been for only 4 months and i would never dream of treating a patient like that. i am there to care for them and to make sure they can have a good quality of life. those people make me sick.

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