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Uncertain Principles

Science|08 Nov, 2012|36 Comments |
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In short, the states of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that it is impossible to know both the exact position and exact speed of an object at the same time. However, the effect is tiny and only visible to the subatomic scale.

Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) was a German physicist who helped formulate quantum mechanics in the early 20. He first presented the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in February 1927 in a letter to Wolfgang Pauli, then published the same year.

Light can be considered as composed of packets of energy called photons. To measure the position and velocity of any particle, the first thing that shed light on it, then detect the reflection. On a macroscopic scale, the effect of photons on an object is negligible. Unfortunately, subatomic scales, the photons that hit the subatomic particle will move significantly, so although the situation has been accurately measured the speed of the particle is altered.

By knowing the position, which has provided all the information you had on the speed useless. In other words, the observer affects the observed. 

Uncertain Principles, 2.8 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  2. AJ Bones says:

    That’s because ur blind…

  3. AJ Bones says:

    Thumbs down to ur comment… My last words to you:”You sound like a young, naive, republican, mainstream sucker, who listens to Fox News”.

  4. GurrenPrime says:

    I replied to Rebel in pm, basically I find it impossible to believe that the government is as evil as people like you claim it to be as if it were it could very easily kill all of you and plant false evidence to throw people off its track such as making it look like the work of an unemployed serial killer instead of an assassination, which would involve killing normal people as well to eliminate perceived patterns in the victims. Put simply, you’d think they’d be at least as competent as Kira.

  5. Potts132 says:

    I can’t believe there are people like you still in my gene pool

  6. AJ Bones says:

    No “cup-cakes”… Sorry, I’m not joking… ;) Like “Rebel Stilt-skin” says below you live in a world controlled by:- Mainstream Media- Nonsense- Propaganda- Slander; &- LiesSeriously, if you get some spare time up your sleeve, you should look into it it… There’s a lot of interesting facts that you’ll find ;)

  7. in another universe 5 of them would have been attacked by sharks and eaten.

  8. madedigital says:

    Thought, time and space are one on the quantum level.

  9. madedigital says:

    did it get bigger ?maybe see and our mind works in waves and the physical world are particals vibrations. disruption is interactive in the visual sense…

  10. jomomsophat says:

    ok so if dark matter is subatomic and if we observe it will its state change ?maybe we shouldnt be trying to see the dark matter because when we see it our dimension will return to a particle state from the wave state we inhabit.aka the big crunch.

  11. Cole Pazar says:

    Maybe its not even a particle at all, (dark matter) maybe it is the sum mass of the inaccessible dimensions to us 3d organisms experiencing 4d and the gravity of the ‘stuff’ (called stuff because it is unknown/ unthinkable) completes the gravitation pull of all galaxies accounting for the 85% missing. Just my theory

  12. OZprepper says:

    about the box- who wins? the immovable object or the unstoppable force? From what I am seeing and starting to understand there are flaws in the fundamental observations and this has rippled out to the extent that i struggle to agree with many of the provided conclusions, though string theory- in my eyes- has great potential.

  13. CFirebird101 says:

    All “motion” is to our brain is like a computer playing a movie. You get a series of frames and, put together, they create a series of “fake” motion. There has been no set limit to how many “fps” our brain can see. When under an adrenaline rush, the brain can see many more “fps” than the average human, appearing to slow time down. This is because time is created in the brain, and is nothing short of an illusion. Time does not exist.

  14. Hammad27Red says:

    We see a particle that exists in one dimension and another; there is no point in space that shows to us that we are moving from our dimension. The point of an electron and atom depends on the mass of the electron. If the electron had a different mass, the atom would have a different orbit: and we would be living in a very different world. Matter = mass. Energy = mass. There is a constant pull of matter and energy due to the forces in space; the fundamentals. We see it in a way that works.

  15. The beginning of a circle is a dot. You cannot have no direction without a point of a dot. Anything that went particle, atoms, molecules, and so forth is a dot. If you try to find something in the dark that is smaller than a particle, then it has to be sound in reasons of the game hide and seek. Then it is brought into the light and acknowledge it.

  16. kautilyadas says:

    I don’t understand the two hole experiment, did they record the results through a camera or watch it live or something, so many questions unanswered, how did they know what was the state of the electron if they weren’t watching… somebody help

  17. CFirebird101 says:

    You create your own reality. However by other conscious observers viewing this video, it is there. However, if there ARE NO conscious observers and a tree falls, there is no sound, since sound is created in the brain. There are however quantum probability waves that will take the form of pressure waves once something conscious sees it. Yet if there are none, there is also no forest.

  18. DaiMonAlex says:

    we didn’t create it.. we think of it that way but it already have been created somewhere.. but ur losing me i have a 17 years old brain.. and that prolly cuz im 17 years old :’ ( even if speaking of the unknown is pretty fun xD

  19. mediumaevum says:

    Basically you could say that there is a 50 percent chance that “Schroedingers Cat” is dead – or alive. When you open the box, where the cat is in, then the universe decides, from your point of view, wether the cat is dead or alive. In reality though, or as I understood it, the cat is both dead and alive.

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