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Turbos and Temples – Mighty Car Mod

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Rating: 3.2/5 (10 votes cast)

This is an on the road documentary following two guys who have been invited to Hokaido in Japan to conduct a whole range of refit work on cars. Not so much a heavy documentary but more an insight into the interesting petrol head world of bespoking cars.

This is all about modifying cars and these energetic Australian lads are ready to get in and dirty showing car clubs in Japan how to modify the Japanese motors. They get to look around all the mods carried out by the Japanese guys and some of them have seen better days!!!

If you are into the world of customised cars then this will keep you engrossed. Chopped, lowered, sprayed and nitroed. These Japanese are absolutely into their drifting….girls as well as boys!

It takes a while to get into the work but the road trip and the Japanese experiences are worth the watch…the lads have to hand in the car keys before they can get stuck into the RAKI rice wine.

The guys eventually get to visit a massive auction and they got exclusive viewing….an RX7 for $300 and just heaps of cheap motors. This is definitely a road trip with a couple of good guys but the emphasis is not really a doc on the work they do.

If you want to know a bit more about the Mighty Car Mods team visit them here…

Turbos and Temples - Mighty Car Mod, 3.2 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. nivrin13 says:

    music at 15:45??!!??!

  2. MustangSkar says:

    How many times did you guys get laid? :D

  3. Anthony Cox says:

    Import laws i belive, the car has to be 15 years or older, and you wouldn’t make that much money since you gotta ship them over to australia which costs abit.

  4. Why am i not in Japan already?

  5. joebowhunter says:

    great video guys, ive been watching from New York for a long time now and im loving every episode. I have a 02 Impreza that needs a MCM sticker soon =)

  6. Gnarly Arm says:

    “That was 25 lemons, BLAAHHHHHHHHAH”

  7. im new to this whole thing but whats to stop someone from making a living by importing cheap used cars from japan and selling them in Australia since their value is so much higher their

  8. lmao, You would think the Americans would of thought of that already.

  9. whats the song at 33:00? does anybody know?

  10. itzCharzey says:

    Sick video guys, glad i came across this channel, new sub :D

  11. wehrwolv says:

    great work guys. i love the extra long episode! please please release more long videos like this one

  12. chey kirk says:

    The 86 dislikers clearly drive a camry.

  13. 24:27 Omg the rain and the R34. Such a beautiful view.

  14. SSZaris says:

    Oh right. A lot of work just to import a car over there. I can see how it was difficult to get Skylines in a while back then. Although these laws are about to change (we will no longer be able to import cars more than 10 years old, so basically all the good ones!!) at the moment all you need to do is get the car shipped here, give it a rego, then take it for a WOF, which you need to do every six months anyway. As with anything though, it’s always about the money.

  15. jgmtiger says:

    just for imported cars only like if i was to goto japan get a skyline fill out the paperwork it gets here i have to take it to a shop with the right papers (must be towed not drove) then they tear the car apart and make it up to USA saftey spec’s they give me a blue tag then i take that to the court office get the rego and insurance put one of the tags on the rego then another on the car and there we go

  16. SSZaris says:

    Ah. Sounds like a lot of work to import into the USA. I’ve got one myself (32) that’s heaps of fun to drive, but our nazi cops make owning one a pain in the ass. She’s as tidy as day one on the outside, stock rims, no big exhaust, and I’ve still had days where I get pulled over for “standard traffic stops” more than once just driving to the store. I had one drive up the coast where I got stopped in every city I went through (7!!!!!). But I still wouldn’t give her up for anything. :)

  17. mynameiscot says:

    WOW!! i cant belive i really missed this episode….i currently have a MIGHTY daihatsu and its hard to get parts for them out here and i wud love if marty or moog cud donate a EFI daihatsu engine this way(or even the alto works) ill make any 1 work

  18. nick081980 says:

    I Loved the first time I watched this film. It really made me realise that other people love and worship Japan and Japanese culture just like I do. My love of Japanese cars made me fall in love with Japan. I have been there once before and plan to go their next year again . This time I hope to import a random car I find somewhere in Japan . This film gave me inspiration . Two wonderful countries bond !. I love Japan ?

  19. MIDNIGHTDRFT says:

    idk if you have had this reply or not yet but import laws in the us state the car must be 25 years or older before they can be brought over .. but its only 15 here in canadia and we get the r34s legally in a year muahahahha :p

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