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True Islam – An Islamic History of Europe

Religion|13 Jun, 2012|59 Comments |
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In medieval times, the firm belief that the world was flat led to the riots, isolation, and even death to those who dared to challenge this fallacy. Misconceptions and myths can be dangerous. Today, this same ignorance and intolerance has led to a backlash against Islam and Muslims. It will support the dissemination of true Islam, a religion of love, friendship, peace and brotherhood, and their true understanding.

True Islam - An Islamic History of Europe, 2.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. jc7593 says:

    all the main religions came out of the same region at the same time, long after the stories we follow supposedly took place, its a way of keeping people oppressed and controlling the masses, i drink my tea with a splash of milk and 2 sugars, my friend drinks it milky with no sugar different but still a cup of tea. if we applied this theory to humans the world would be a much better place.

  2. Jamie Carr says:

    all the main religions came out of the same region at the same time, long after the stories we follow supposedly took place, its a way of keeping people oppressed and controlling the masses, i drink my tea with a splash of milk and 2 sugars, my friend drinks it milky with no sugar different but still a cup of tea. if we applied this theory to humans the world would be a much better place.

  3. Emaad Latif says:

    if there is one thing this video is trying to say it is Muslims Christians and Jews are not much different.. so please people stop debating with/slating eachother and lets co-exist happily.. we did it before.. we can do it again.. I cant point out a single flaw in this documentary.. its refreshing to see something with actual content in regard to muslims come from the bbc rather than the usual bias

  4. z4ynRx says:

    BBC made many mistakes in this documentary. They should remove this video asap. And make a proper one. They should go and do proper research when it comes to Islam. Not basics. I watched like abit of it. Then I realised it was wrong. So I stopped. So yeah. If they’re gonna do something, do it properly…! Peace out dudes. (Y)

  5. You’re wrong. Portugal was founded 1095 as a Kingdom (before that, it was a county of the Kingdom of Galicia, and before that of the Kingdom of Astúrias, since 869). It actually is considered to have the oldest mainland borders in Europe. Also, at much of the muslim period, Spain as we know it didn’t even exist, there were a lot of Kingdoms (Castilla, León, Aragón, Navarra, …).. And, the first portuguese kings are known for reconquering Southern Portugal from the arabs (check it out on Wiki)

  6. Also, Portugal is known for, at the beginning, tolerating both muslims and jews, and during some years, a lot of muslims and jews fled from Spain to Portugal because of that (our genetics proves it), before Portugal did the same that Spain previosly did

  7. Roofhack says:

    a.k.a. Muslims invaded so many areas that they stole existing knowledge. Some of it was Greek, but most of the Greek was thrown out. The Greek knowledge we have today came out of the Byzantine Empire that kept all the knowledge and ran away to Western Europe to bring it with them after their Empire was collapsing due to constant Ottoman attacks. It was actually Islam that in part caused the Dark Ages for Europe since they blocked ALL trade routes to the Eastern Empire and other areas (China).

  8. Islam was inspired by satan(a.k.a. allah). Don’t believe me, look at its end-time prophecies: A mahdi will appear (the antichrist), he will be helped by prophet Isa (false prophet who will say he is Jesus Christ and islam is true), they will convert all people to Islam and prepare them to fight Dajjal (Jesus Christ). It’s Revelations in reverse, the perfect deception. Converts have to swear allegiance to satan(allah) and will wear the mark of islam(666) and will fight Jesus Christ to the end.

  9. AjCassells says:

    As opposed to those nations Christians toppled savagley, conquering in the name of God? Allah is arabic for God. All faiths are as responsible as each other, early islam preached that all violence against other faiths was wrong, instead they imposed a tax on those who did not adhere to their faith.So you’re right, this isn’t your opinion, you’re stringing nonsense together and adding the words ‘historical fact’ when you should have written ‘ignorance’.

  10. Muslims only took over the ideas and concepts of science and thinking of the people whos countries were savagely conquered in the name of allah. Muslims today say they are peaceful and the quran teaches peace. This is not true obviously. The quran teaches violence to jews, christians and non believers until they subit to islam. islam today is trying to bring their society back to their once dominance of the world. This is not my opinion. Its historical fact combined with what muslims say

  11. you have no idea what your talking about, I feel embarrassed for you, one of the greatest prizes that the Christians took were thousands of Arabic singing girls and musicians, it was never a liberation, it was the start of the oppression and greed that we see today.mostly, it was deals for power and wealth by the elite. why don’t you go and read some history about what happened to the heretics during the inquisition period.

  12. hhamaildk says:

    The darkest period in the history of Iberian peninsula was the Islam occupation.Count the battles, the numerous occasions of women abducted to sexual slavery.No matter how you look at it the reconquista was a liberation. Harsh but still a liberation.

  13. hhamaildk says:

    Get your proportions straight!The holy land land was Christian! until the muhammadan occupation – a reign of terror from India to Spain. You are talking about nine battles against more than hundred massacres against non muhammadans. And sexual slavery.The entire North Africa was depopulated due to muhammadan genocide.Islam engulfs the entire North Africa from the southern part of Sahara and you bring up enslaving of Africans!?Your generel premise is that the world belongs to islam by right.

  14. Loomr says:

    I’m afraid that it is precisely Islam that reduced the once great Middle East to the backward, uneducated and poor area that it is today, and that it is the innate conflict with rational thought shared by all religions that will keep it there.I do not know when people like you would like to face reality of it instead of clinging on to past greatness.I also find the aggressive tone of your speech morally appalling. Ironically such culture will only further destroy your own people.

  15. This doc proves how Islam stimulated the Renaissance in Europe via Andalusia, i.e. Islamic Europe. Please do some research and enlighten yourselves about this is issue! Do not curse Islam and Muslims! Just enlighten yourself by learning more about Islam.

  16. holy butt fucking space tits! it’s so unreal how many crazy ass prejudice ignorant horrible people are out there, I define myself as a heretic to religion in general it absolutely makes me sick to my ass and i feel it destroys and degrades humanity as it is a set of old worldviews that will become less and less relevant over time and finally die out but still I’m not the one condemning entire peoples because my beliefs. by adding more hate that is the only thing you achieve, so good job.

  17. patsfreak says:

    And comments like the ones under me make me sick to be a Christian. I don’t want my religion compared to the WBC. Also, if you’re made physically sick why are you clicking something that says “Islam” in the title? Sounds like it’s your own damn fault.

  18. when hell freezes over how is a a religion who condemns the killing of innocent people a good religion and that mistreats there woman in a disgusting manner you sir are wrong and so is your prophet and also .You can take your Koran and shove it up a pigs ass (Mohammad).

  19. Sbaksh2 says:

    The reason why most people don’t see the truth is because your lord has made it so that you can’t understand what you see, for if you do you would use it unjust. To argue with someone who does not see the truth is like arguing with a brick wall, pointless.To see the truth, you must ask your lord God and only him.Jesus is not God, for if he was then who was he praying to. We love Jesus (Isa, Arabic name) and he is highly respectable.

  20. the BBC is obsessed with multiculturalism – is it coincidence that the place is run by jews? they lie about our history and blame everytthing on the british, they show us constant material on the 6 million killed by nazism and never mention the 150 million killed by communism.the BBC – raping your children for 50 years – and we have to pay £2,000,000,000 per year for the privelage!thanks Auntie, you’re the best!!!!

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