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Time Travel Documentary

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This documentary challenges all scientific theories to explore the possibility of time travel. The figures, numbers, timescales, speeds, quantities and sizes are simply staggering and requires considerable lateral thinking in order to gain the most from the documentary.

Time warps, wormholes, blackholes and stars are all investigatd to determine whether time travel could be possible.

Einstiens theories are discussed with relation to the speed time comparison indicating that by travelling at an incredibly high speed would effectively alter the time and this has been proven in experiments in space.

The vision and dream here are incredible but everything in this documentary can be recognised as feasible in the distant future. This is certainly worth the watch to stimulate your mind and be part of the dream.

Time Travel Documentary, 4.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. travesty4230 says:

    It would be nice except some alien race wants to exterminate most of the population and enslave the master race other then that its party time.

  2. Knuffel beer says:

    25:22 it’s nonsense. If we know theorie’s by now, then over a half billion years they know many more. And this: I think we do not live fotr nothing. We want’s to survive anyways.Imagine we found a planet there are another intelligent civalization, maybe THEY are the people wo visit us (like UFO’s) and then we found eachother. Would that not be nice? :)

  3. Knuffel beer says:

    25:22 it’s nonsense. If we know theorie’s by now, then over a half billion years they know many more. And this: I think we do not live fotr nothing. We want’s to survive anyways, even when the sun is dead.

  4. Knuffel beer says:

    Warp drive \o/ NASA is testing it!

  5. how would you slow down from light speed in space lol

  6. gummi lover says:

    stuff like this inspires me to want to become an astronomers someday and go to space……..

  7. lakshen47 says:

    Your head hasn’t evolved to understand it :)

  8. AntMixFilms says:

    someday, the answers will come. the source will explain.

  9. Megadeth72 says:

    that question will never have an answer, …where’s the big bang come from ? once we found out the answer, there will be another question ,where’s that thing that cause the big bang come from?

  10. that means that if u go into the future as soon as u get there u will be stuck in the future because the 2010 wormhole will no longer exists

  11. Zazz30 says:

    That’s what everyone else is wondering. My bet is that you can’t – we just can’t prove it yet.

  12. Zazz30 says:

    Yeah, it’s a difficult concept because it betrays our everyday experience.Time/space started at the big bang, so there was no time/space before it for there to be “nothing”. Matter/energy started at the same instant as time/space; so for all of time, there has always been something. It makes as much sense as asking “what was in your house before your house was built?” Even the answer “nothing” is wrong. The problem isn’t the answer, it’s the question; which is why it can’t be answered.

  13. kr3ben says:

    i don’t understand 18:40 They say that if you send the other side(future side) of the wormhole in space in a super high speed rocket and back to the earth then you can go to the past in the future. The thing is when the future side of the wormhole get back to the earth, then the other side of the wormwhole will still be in the same time. fuck this hahaha

  14. caracarn2006 says:

    If you think or try to think, of how everything came about, it leaves more questions. The only way to limit that is to lay it down to a loop. We create an item,that destroys us,compressing all matter that then explodes,expands and creates the universe. We evolve and one day create a an item, that destroys us,compressing all matter….THis would allow everything that happens to be a construct of nature.

  15. caracarn2006 says:

    not so much. Time is a human concept and unit of measurement. Our problem is we have no word to accurately express or convey what it is. To us all, Point A to point B is X and is a distance…the travel portion is measured in time, but A to B is the same distance no matter how fast or slow you go. That is the issue with time as a measurement and that is how come we cannot comprehend anything that utilizes time on a grand scale.

  16. No one can understand it… even the very creators of the big bang theory. If time and space were created at that very moment, how could that moment happen without time? there was no “where” when it ocured, also… just beyond our sorry brains :)

  17. AntMixFilms says:

    It make no sense! In the beginning there was nothing then BOOM.It just happen?My head… it can’t understand this in dept.

  18. Well, one might ask that if you timed a replicated count to 3 dilapidated cokes, then perhaps you would get 1/2 of a coke and a clitoris in 8 to 10 yrs. from the time you first replicated.

  19. arjun ashok says:

    IT will happen soon

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