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Through the Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes

Science|28 Oct, 2012|7 Comments |
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They are the most powerful objects in the universe. Nothing, not even light, can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole. Astronomers now believe there are billions of them in the cosmos, engulfing the planets to the stars around the feeding frenzy of violence. A new theoretical research in the twisted reality of a black hole suggests that the three-dimensional space can be an illusion. That reality really takes place in a two-dimensional hologram on the edge of the universe.
Black hole is almost as difficult to imagine how it will be detected, but some scientists have been up for the task of centuries. Cambridge scholar John Michell wrote an article in 1783 in which the hypothesis of the existence of “dark stars” – stars as big and with so much gravity that light could not escape its surface. Most astronomers of the time thought it was an absurd idea.
Then in 1915, Einstein published his theory of general relativity, which provides a framework for a reinterpretation of the hypothesis Michell. A graduate Indian student by the name of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar their backs on the theories of Einstein to suggest that the stars of a certain size – much bigger than our sun – experience a catastrophic collapse at the end of his life, transforming the bodies in the cosmic vacuum’s powerful gravity could suck all light and matter in its black mouth.
This is the second episode. See the list of all the episodes here: through the hole.

Through the Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes, 3.7 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. elevate07 says:

    @skatejam7 Time is mainly our way of putting a number on the rate of growth or decay depending on how you view it. On earth, when you’re born and the earth rotates around the sun 7 times, you say you’re 7 years old. Another planet may have rotated 3 times in that same period but that doesn’t make you 3 years old. It’s just easier for humans to use the earths orbit as a measuring stick.

  2. Kibanozza says:

    Black holes are magnifying glass for the matter and time. The way how they work is by shrinking space and time and there fore they are magnifying it by shrinking. As they shrink space and time, they are magnifying the quantum physics principles and present them as normal physics principles.

  3. DragonMoth34 says:

    @Randombro2000 i admire your thinking. Very intelligent. i dont think we have the technology to crush something the size of the earth into a basketball. Stars do it because their gravity is so large. I guess it were possible. And as somone below me said that you would have to walk on the walls.. well what if we also made it flat? and put it on the bottom? eh?

  4. Randombro2000 Even if we could condense something like that and put it on spacecraft in the middle. It would not work. Because the center of gravity would pull to the center of the ship. So unless every one is ok on walking on the walls of the ship. Sorry for not aswering your question but I thought that I would just think a little more about your artificial gravity on a spaceship.

  5. Can some scientist please answer my question!(this is off topic). To create artificial gravity on a spacecraft, could you theoretically condense a rock substance the size of a basketball that weighs thousands of pounds to put in the center of the spacecraft? White dwarf stars are tiny but weigh as much as a full size star because it is very very dense. Please answer, I am only thirteen.

  6. chinagbud says:

    This series is really great, but it seems there are always a couple dislikes, how much do you wanna bet they are Christian Republicans so weak-minded and ignorant they wouldn’t know what gravity was if their face smacked the ground…kinda like how G.W. Bush when he fell off his bicycle, more than once.

  7. cassidy99ful says:

    @w00tse thank you.doesn’t that prove then that it is possible to travel faster than light?if there is some type of energy that can cause the universe to expand faster than the speed of light then couldn’t we theoretically use that energy to travel faster than light or maybe just create a wormhole to travel through.

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