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Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?

Science|17 Nov, 2012|21 Comments |
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Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the tools most of us rely on perceiving the world. However, some people say it also can perceive things beyond the reach of conventional senses, through some other channel for which there is no anatomical or neurological explanation. Scientists who study the skills as we call extrasensory perception (ESP), but lay people often refer to them as the sixth sense.

Any of the terms is actually a generic term for a variety of different skills course vary from person to person. Some people claim that the power of telepathy – that is, the ability to perceive the thoughts of others without having to communicate verbally or in writing. Others say they have the power of clairvoyance, which is the ability to perceive events and objects that are hidden from view because of barriers or distance. Still others claim to be gifted with precognition, which allows them to look ahead and envision what has not happened yet.

The belief in ESP or sixth sense can be traced back thousands of years. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Croesus, who ruled a kingdom in what is now Turkey in the sixth century BC, consult oracles – that is, groups of priests claimed to be able to predict the future – before going to war. In ancient India, Hindu holy men are believed to possess the power to see and hear at a distance, and communicate through telepathy.

In late 1700, the Viennese physician Franz Mesmer claimed that he could give people powers ESP hypnotizing them. Just before his assassination in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln told his friends that he had dreamed of his own body lying in state at the White House. In the 20th century, Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon attracted wide fans, claiming they could predict future events. During the Cold War, U.S. the military and intelligence agencies, driven by reports that the Soviets had at their disposal psychic even tried to use clairvoyants who claimed power to remote viewing for espionage purposes. List of all episodes here: through the hole.

Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?, 3.3 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. @shbakaien25 It doesn’t matter how weak or strong ESP is. If there is an ESP effect going on, then we should be able to find statistical evidence of it from a large number of sample-size since increasing the sample-size makes the experiment more probable in detecting an ESP effect or whatever your alternative hypothesis is.

  2. @shbakaien25 Of course we can’t let her be the judge that decides and determines all of this since that would easily bias the experiment. However, that not my point. My point is that Sheldrake’s conclusion that 14 hits and 6 wrong is evidence of ESP is fallacious due to the lack of statistical significance and two-tailed t-test.

  3. 14 correct and 6 wrong is evidence of ESP? Uh, no it isn’t because 14 out of 20 is still based on what would be expected by mere chance. I would expect no more than 16/20 to consider it as evidence of ESP. Rupert Sheldrake, get your statistics straight for crying out loud!

  4. mstr416 says:

    The evidence is in the Internet. Global trends document the patterns formed by our collective conscience. I believe intuition, is a real and unfound function of the brain. An aggregation of thousands of sensory stimuli every second. Our brains interpolate that information into a sense we might call a “sixth” sense…. It’s clear that there’s a lot we don’t know about the brain. Unfortunately, until we understand MOST of its functions it will be highly unlikely that we’d be able to show direct

  5. It’s all about the burden of proof.When you make a positive claim, you must show evidence for your claim.For instance, until we had better instruments, the idea that the planets were like our own, “spheres” of matter orbiting around the sun. This idea would bear the burden of proof, since it is making a claim about how the world works.I believe the burden of proof for psychic phenomena hasn’t been met.However I won’t say it isn’t real, I would say there’s no reason I would believe in it.

  6. deanmullen10 says:

    Our electronic devices can send signals wirelessly, who is to say our brains where beginning to evolve wireless powers. Obviously we haven’t achieved the full power of wireless communications with our brains, but of course for sight to develop, it had to begin with very basic forms of sight, thus wireless brain communication begins with very basic forms and perhaps thus far that is how far we got, so that we aren’t very aware of it and didn’t notice this sixth sense easily.

  7. deanmullen10 says:

    One thing to note is that they’re maybe higher spatial dimensions. If you were a 2D circle, surrounded by lots of other circles, you could only see the lines of the front, back and sides of the circle and you would see nothing of yourself, unless you looked in a 2D mirror in which case you’d only see the front of you.Yet in the 3rd dimension, we can see the top and bottom of the circles. Does this mean there is a hyper-top of us, that can only be seen from the 4th dimension?

  8. deanmullen10 says:

    yes but some inanimate material is not conscious. Consciousness is a very rare phenomena and requires highly finely tuned combinations of this inanimate material to come about. It wouldn’t make sense for consciousness to be everywhere, but your point about it being a force within the universe is highly concievable.

  9. Conciousness is a”Sense of Presence” . Its there together with Awareness “Sense of I am” .When there is no conciousness , it simply means your physical being is dead . Presence of Conciousness is beyond doubt when you are alive as a physical being.. .

  10. Dude! I don’t need to necessarily know about sixth sense from this video . Means of knowledge are not limited to Science alone . Come out of this confusion . This indicates your lack of awareness . Non believer of Sixth sense terms it supernatural .But, I am aware.. What I see in this video is a classic example of corruption . That’s all .

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  13. Scientists in a way , are proving that , which is already written at least 5000 years ago . At first , they make fun out of it and then study it with out sharing their understanding , then manipulate by giving a different identity to their understanding , and finally authenticate it self by referring Vedas….

  14. ShiroRX says:

    @sam0el the idea that consciousness *could be* a force out in the universe, controlling some aspect of it, doesn’t seem so far fetched to conceptualize. we have consciousness, or at least we think we do, and we WILLFULLY manipulate and change reality to some minute degree every moment. even typing this now, im changing the reality that is just a tiny bit. a piece of inanimate matter cant do this, it just exists. what’s the difference between us any amalgum of inanimate material?

  15. ShiroRX says:

    @sam0el well the telepathy is someone else’s thing. my concerns are more fundamental: simply what scientifically is subjective experience and thought. pretend for instance that consciousness existed as a fundamental force, as a field of influence similar to electromagnetism, “telepathy” or thought transference could simply be an exchange of force carrying particles. **continued on second post**

  16. ShiroRX says:

    @sam0el just an example of one sort of questionable science can be widely accepted as a possible reality. the reason i reject the idea is because neuroscience still cant explain it one bit. as a neuroscientist you can tell me the technical specs of what’s going on electrically and chemically in the brain, but you cannot explain to me what makes the brain special in this regard. why does this emergent phenomenon rise from electromag there but nowhere else? maybe a piece is missing.

  17. ShiroRX says:

    It’s funny how many people find these ideas threatening. Science is built upon pioneers taking ideas that are “scary” to the status quo at first and exploring them. Look at string theory, quantum coherence in very complex biological systems, etc. Reality is far stranger and mysterious than we give it credit for. Keep your mind open or you’ll never learn anything.

  18. ShiroRX says:

    @RichardFeynman1 it’s on the science channel because there is scientific evidence to support it. just a few years ago it was thought of as preposterous that quantum systems could be directly controlling activity in complex creatures because their state would be destroyed by the temperatures present in said animals. but evidence for it has been discovered in photosynthesis, olfactory senses, bird migratory guidance.many people simply find these things threatening to convention.

  19. ShiroRX says:

    @maliom our own consciousness is very weak by comparison to a theoretical cosmic-level consciousness. our own produces extremely minute results compared to this “cosmic consciousness” that would be constantly collapsing wave functions around us into reality.

  20. ShiroRX says:

    @sam0el because they present the scientific evidence supporting that there are things going on that don’t fit our current model of understanding? michio kaku says it perfectly, science has to be open to all sorts of ideas that seem insane at first. and frankly, all of this isn’t anywhere near as crazy as what’s going on (experimentally proven hundreds of thousands of times over) in the quantum world. science is nothing without imagination.

  21. Steph says:

    Me gustf3 lo de ( )respetado blogger conambiolo .Bueno hablando me1s en serio gracias por la visibilidad Vedctor, realmente creo que lo me1s rescatable de todo este suceso ha sido el que me dieron ganas de volver a escribir sobre asuntos interesantes y dejar un poco de lado las trivialidades que veneda manejando faltimamente.Espero prf3ximamente volver a salir con un post lo suficientemente interesante como para reunir, ya no cantidad, sino calidad de visitantes como vos y Mauricio.

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